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Net Unknown | 10/26/2007

All across the internet, bands are working hard to promote themselves to fans and to the major labels. Some artists aren't ready for prime time, some are just OK, but a few are just great... and we pick the very best and feature them each week as the NMC Net Unknowns.
Cindy Alexander
All American Girl
This Net Unknown started life at four and half pounds, with a voice that could fill a stadium. From a constantly crying child to an adult with migraines, she finally found that music made the headaches go away. She's earned many L.A. Music Awards, for songwriting and performing, has been featured on multiple compliations and has four solo albums under her belt. She recently won the Star Tomorrow contest - NBC's version of American Idol, which included a chance to work with David Foster - but ended up turning down the prize when she found out Warner Brothers would own her entire catalog, past and future. Smart woman. Affectionately known as "Pnut" by her fans, here's our Net's Best Net Unknown, Cindy Alexander with All American Girl... More information from the website.
You can hear the entire cut selected as each week's Net Unknown by subscribing to our weekly podcast. Here's our podcast feed URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/nmc

eTracks | 10/26/2007
 1. Foo Fighters | The Pretender
 2. Linkin Park | Bleed It Out
 3. Sum 41 | Walking Disaster
 4. MuteMath | Typical
 5. Rise Against | The Good Left Undone

 1. Nickelback | Rockstar
 2. Timbaland | The Way I Are
 3. Kanye West | Stronger
 4. Justin Timberlake | Love Stoned
 5. Pink | Who Knew

Hot AC
 1. Dido | White Flag
 2. Nickelback | How You Remind Me
 3. Santana with Rob Thomas | Smooth
 4. Avril Lavigne | Complicated
 5. The Fray | How To Save A Life

 1. Reba McEntire | Because Of You
 2. Rascal Flatts | Take Me There
 3. Kenny Chesney | Don't Blink
 4. Brad Paisley | Online
 5. Dirks Bentley | Free And Easy Down The Road...

 1. Justin Timberlake | Until The End Of Time
 2. Rihanna | Hate That I Love You
 3. Kanye West | Stronger
 4. 50 Cent | I Get Money
 5. Keyshia Cole | Let It Go

 1. Rascal Flatts | Still Feels Good
 2. Kanye West | Graduation
 3. Reba McEntire | Reba Duets
 4. Colbie Caillat | Coco
 5. Kenny Chesney | Just Who I Am: Poets & Pira...

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