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Angel Faith
Angel is a sunny California girl whose magazine cover looks are surpassed only by volumes of talent. If she wasn't so dedicated to being the best at everything she does, it would be easy to say that she's just plain lucky. The former Jive recording artist (lead singer of her girl group No Secrets) definitely makes it look ? and sound ? effortless, whether she's performing at charity events, working in the studio to complete her album Believe in Angeles, Believe in Me on Midas Records, or working out the choreography to the songs she's writing, Angel does it all with the grace and ease of a true star.

Angel possesses a natural vocal and dance talent that continues to grow stronger due to the dedication and hard work she devotes to mastering the challenges of her art. One of the characteristics that makes Angel so inspiring is the love and time she dedicates to improving her music, while still maintaining a normal high school life. Angel inspires and empowers everyone around her as she leads by example, balancing a demanding academic and extracurricular schedule with recording sessions with Grammy-nominated producers The Matrix (Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, Avril Lavigne), the Wizardz of Oz (Nick Lachey, Ricky Martin), and two-time ASCAP Songwriter of the Year Keith Follese (Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Backstreet Boys). She's also working with platinum-selling songwriter-producer Johnny Jam (Mandy Moore, Jon Secada), as well as producer and president of Straight Face Records DJ Ted Smooth (Lumidee), and Hit Factory producer Zack Hancock. And add to these recent performances by Angel at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas and the NBA All-Star Jam, followed by Midas Records Presents: The VH1 Save The Music Tour featuring ANGEL which has been met with growing reviews by the students and school officials as well. This combined activity and creativity is poised to send the first single ?Just The Way I Am,? (produced by the Wizardz of Oz) through the roof.

Angel is an incredible singer with volumes of talent that lights up the room with ballads, throws brave attitude with pop-rock anthems, and pulls heartstrings when she embraces a ballad. Angel's musical capabilities don't stop with just singing and dancing, she is also an accomplished songwriter, having CO-written a lot of the songs, such as "Ma Ma's Little Girl," ?To Forgive You,? and ?Angel.? With photo shoots, video shoots, and a promotional tour underway, Angel is powering up for the summer 2004 release of her album.

"Midas Records has let me do everything ," Angel says excitedly about the creative and technical aspects of making the album. "I CO-wrote the songs, choose the ones that I wanted to record, and I've learned a lot about howthe business all works."

Now that's believing- and an excellent educational experience for a 16-year-old. But Angel is well acquainted with the recording process. She got her wings when she was offered her first record deal at age 10, but found her voice much earlier, developing her stylistic versatility with Madonna, Elvis and Broadway show tunes all as part of her repertoire. She even studied with renowned vocal coach Seth Riggs (Jennifer Lopez, Barbra Streisand).

When Angel was nine, she became the lead singer of a professional song-and-dance troupe called Kid Power. Armed with a fantastic voice, dazzling footwork and a passport, she and the group wowed crowds at Euro Disney, France; The Queen's Gardens, England ; The Big Red Boat, The Bahamas; Disney World, Fla. , and many other top entertainment sites.

Angel's career gained even more momentum when she signed to Jive Records as lead singer for her group No Secrets in 2001. Soon after, she was leading the girls through two songs on Aaron Carter's multi-million selling Oh Aaron release, and appeared with the teen heartthrob in the music video for ?Oh Aaron.? The title track and "Stride (Jump On The Fizzy)" earned Angel her first platinum record.

Television performances, including a spot on Live with Regis and Kelly , and a high profile mall tour sponsored by Steve Madden Shoes' Stevie's footwear line and fashion chain The Limited Too followed, before heading back to the studio to record ?Kids In America? for the soundtrack to the animated feature film, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius . After doing a music video for the song, Angel and the rest of the group returned to the studio to complete their debut album, No Secrets , which was released in August 2002, coinciding with a 29-city tour with Carter. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Heat Seekers chart.

Angel's group No Secrets first hit single and video, ?That's What Girls Do,? put them at the top of everyone's wish list, including her on film soundtracks for Power Puff Girls , Stuart Little II , Hot Chick , Undercover Brother , as well as countless Disney Channel movies and CDs, such as Disneymania (with *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson), Disney Christmas, and several other compilations. No Secrets tracks are also included on several CDs in the Pop Mix series, available via TV commercials. McDonald's, Cheerios and Ragu Express launched major promotional campaigns featuring No Secrets. The fast food chain offered a compilation with Happy Meals that included Angel's group, along with *NSYNC, Backstreet boys, Britney Spears, Aaron Carter, and Baha Men, while Cheerios included No Secrets in millions of cereal boxes.

Angel became a Nickelodeon mainstay, appearing on shows All That and Slimetime Live , as well as performing at the 2002 Kids Choice Awards preshow, and receiving a Teen Choice award in the 'Act to Look for in 2003' category. Angel's group closed out '02 with Angel singing on the Hershey's Chocolate float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, and "That's What Girls Do" in Nickelodeon's Top 10 videos.

But Angel's destiny for stardom greeted her well before the success of No Secrets. In nothing less than a meant-to-be convergence of right time / right place, she was discovered in a restaurant by the top modeling agency in Los Angeles when she was nine months old.

This dynamic talent has been evolving as a multi-faceted performer ever since, and is still polishing her boundless vocal with Riggs, as well as Monica Wesley, and is working with choreographer Shane Sparks to put the moves on her songs, whether they're infectious pop, slip-and-slide R&B or soaring ballads. Welcoming the chance to try something new ? and to turn fans on to new music, too ? she performs two heart-felt country tunes, "Love Is" and "Open Book," which are just as irresistible as any of the other tracks that her album offers.

Inspired by Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and her own mother, the fashionable high school sophomore is developing a clothing line, and has a passion and flair for acting. If there's something she isn't good at, she hasn't found it yet. Fearless and fun, Angel's interests are as varied as her vocal abilities, playing the piano, bowling, riding dirt bikes and snowboarding.

Very much the girl next door who lets the music do the talking, Angel proves that you don't have to be bad to be very, very good. And that's what Angel is all about.

--- from the official Angel Faith website

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