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...We're just people...the 5 of us are 21, 23, and 20...our names are Jared, South (Justin), David, Dan, and Chris...our tour manager's name is Juan (we call him Peor), and he's very handsome, so watch out...we love music, we love to play music...we love to create, and write songs...we're from Greenville, Illinois...we're from Orange County...we're from St. Louis...we're from Los Angeles...we're from Chicago, we're from Atlanta...we're from Nashville...we're from San Diego...and we all live in a van somewhere in between those places at all times...no more than 3 feet from each other, 24 hours a day, for months on end...

...Some of us who started here years ago, are gone now...some of us are new here...some of us have lost loved ones in life, some of us are gaining new loved ones today...we've been in love, we've been loved...we've had our hearts broken, and in turn done the same to others...

...We made our first record about these things in the winter of 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia...with an extremely talented musician, a good friend and a family loving man, named Brendan O'Brien...the record is out in stores right now and it's called "All the Stars and Boulevards"...this record means the world to us, and defines us musically up to this point...its a young and scared record...and it's real and from our hearts...

...We're always on tour, we're always home...we get tired...we have good shows, we have bad shows...we drink, we smoke, we quit, we start again, we lie, we dance, we cheat, we're sorry, we're faithful, we have kids, we have girlfriends, we're single, we're married, we're lost, we're alone, we're finally happy, we're finally home...we smile, we cry, we live, and we'll die...but as long as you care to listen to what we have to sing and say, we promise we'll always give you all we have as people and musicians...and we'll see you all very soon...thank you for listening, goodnite...


--- from the official Augustana website

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All the Stars and Boulevards

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