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Peter Hayes: guitar, bass, vocals Robert Turner: bass, guitar, vocals Nick Jago: drums, percussion

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's ethereal sound is a force not to be ignored and a talent not to be denied. Maybe it's the way their darkly provocative, churning and melodic white noise infiltrates the senses. Maybe it's the air of lyrical mystery, or how they cloak their groundbreaking songs in elusive familiarity. Whatever the reasons, this music creeps into the listener's consciousness and takes its audience captive. No wonder the buzz on B.R.M.C. rose to a fevered pitch before the band even completed the recording of its Virgin Records debut.

The San Francisco-based three-piece began playing together in November 1998, when former high school friends Peter Hayes and Robert Turner joined forces with English-born Nick Jago. B.R.M.C. could not remain the Bay Area's best kept secret for long, thanks to an independently produced 13-song demo recorded in 1999, combined with frequent and relentless gigging on the Los Angeles and San Francisco club circuit. Before B.R.M.C. even started to pursue a label deal, record companies were calling them and contemporaries such as Oasis' Noel Gallagher, Jesus and Mary Chain's Jim Reid and Johnny Marr were singing their praises. Mere days after the band finished mixing their self-produced debut, they were asked to join the Dandy Warhols on several U.S. tour dates. They were also invited to play the 2001 Sundance Festival alongside some of the most interesting acts in the business. So whether you go looking for the music of B.R.M.C. or not, chances are that it will find its way to you.

--- from the official B.R.M.C. website

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