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Beastie Boys
The official Beastie Boys FAQ from BeastieBoys.com:


Who are Beastie Boys?

Officially the group is Michael (Mike D) Diamond, Adam (Adrock) Horovitz and Adam (MCA) Yauch, supported by super-DJ Michael (Mix Master Mike) Schwartz.


Who is Mix Master Mike?

Mix Master Mike, a member of the unbeatable (they were eventually barred from entering the the annual world scratching competition as a result of a lack of any solid competition) Invisibl Skratch Piklz DJ team and is Beastie Boys' current DJ. Mike has worked with and toured with the band since 1998, when he took over from DJ Hurricane. He's the shit - need we say any more?


What happened to DJ Hurricane?

DJ Hurricane moved on in 1997 to a more serious solo career. Since then he's released the albums Severe Damage (1997) and Don't Sleep (2000) (featuring Adrock on Kickin' Wicked Rhymes among other things.


How old are the Beastie Boys?

Mike D was born November 20, 1965. MCA was born August 5, 1964. Adrock was born October 31, 1966 (yes, Halloween). You do the math.


Where do Mike, Adam and Adam live?

The album To the 5 Boroughs didn't answer this question for you? Ok, then. If you didn't get it; they live in New York City.


Do Beastie Boys have their own studio?

Word up. Oscilloscope Laboratories (with the plywood floor) in Manhattan - built by the master carpenter Mark Edwards. But you know this already, because you've read the timeline.


Why do they call themselves Beastie Boys and does it stand for anything in particular?

The name Beastie Boys was made up in the early 1980's by former band member John Berry. They found the name Beastie Boys appropriate at the time and have stuck with it ever since (obviously). So what the hell does it mean? Well, according to Mike it stands for: Boys Entering Anarchistic State Towards Internal Excellence. And that's official.


How tall are Beastie Boys? Who's the tallest? C'mon!

Yeah, who the hell cares anyway? Quiet! Quit asking this one.


Are all three Beastie Boys Buddhists?

The answer to this is a straight up no. MCA is very much into Buddhism, though. He was first drawn to it in early 1990s when he visited Nepal to do a little snowboarding.


Who is Felicia?

On To the 5 Boroughs, a voice sample from a certain Felicia is used. So, who is Felicia? Felicia is like the den mother of Beastie Boys. She has functioned in many roles in servitude to the mighty three. Handling all of the merchandise related tasks, a lot of the tour promotional materials, dealing with packaging designs etc. All in all Felicia is a fucking awesome friend of Beastie Boys and all of us who work with them. Anyone who knows Felicia gets that familiar message on their voicemail, as heard on Rhyme the Rhyme Well on To the 5 Boroughs. "Hi ____, it's Felicia".


How do you pronounce MCA's last name Yauch?

It's more or less pronounced "Yau-k" / "Yow-k" (yow as in wow). Feel free to check out the pronunciation in several Beastie Boys songs.


Read the rest of the FAQ at their official website.

--- from the official Beastie Boys website

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