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1. Why do some shows have no setlist?
Because we don't have them! We only started officially collecting setlists for the website in 1999, so if you have any additions or corrections, send a comment

2. Can you explain to me this pre-selling of Tickets you're doing for the shows?
Certainly, we are using Musictoday.com to bring you ticket pre-sales for the upcoming U.S. Summer Tour. All YOU have to do is make sure you're signed up for our mailing list and have given correct location information, as we will only be announcing the pre-sales through regional mailings from the list. you can also check each individual tour date page and if available, the ticket pre-sale and onsale dates will be there. if there's no information, that means the sale details are not available yet. any questions can be sent here

3. Who is in Beck's band?
The Beck band for the Summer tour will be:

Dan Rothchild - Bass
Brian LeBarton - Keyboards, etc
Matt Sherod - Drums, Percussion

4. Who has played in Beck's band?
Dallas Don - Drums 1992-1993
Lisa Dembling - Drums - 1992-1995
Leo LeBlanc - Dobro, Pedal Steel - 1993-1995
Ben Cooley - Tour Manager 1994-1998
Dave Gomez - Bass 1994
Chris Ballew - Guitar - 1994
Mike Boito - Keyboards, Percussion - 1993-1996
Lance Hahn - Guitar - 1994-1995
Abby Travis - Bass - 1995
Suni Reinhardt - Guitar - 1995
Theo Mondle - Keyboards, Percussion - 1996-1998
Smokey Hormel - Guitar - 1996-1999, 2002, 2003
Joey Waronker - Drums - 1993-1999, 2002, 2003
Gabe Witcher - Fiddle - 1997
Billy Payne - Keyboards - 1997
Jay Dee Maness - Pedal Steel Guitar - 1997, 1999
Anthony Saffrey - Sitar
Fred Sesliano - Esraj
Danny Frankel - Drums - 1998
Tony Hoffer - Guitar - 1998
DJ Swamp - Turntables - 1997-2000
Lyle Workman - Guitar - 1999-2001
Justin Meldal-Johnsen - Bass - 1996-2002, 2003
Roger Joseph Manning - Keyboards - 1997-2002
Victor Indrizzo - Drums - 1999-2001
David Brown - Alto Sax - 1997-2001
David Ralicke - Baritone Sax/Trombone - 1997-2001
Jon Birdsong - Trumpet - 1998-2001
Glenys Rogers - Back-Up Vocals/Percussion - 1999-2001
Johari Funches-Penny - Back-Up Vocals - 1999-2001
Jon Brion - Drums, Keyboards, Percussion - 2000
The Flaming Lips: Wayne Coyne - Guitar, Keyboards, Noise - 2002
The Flaming Lips: Steven Drozd - Guitar, Keyboards, Drums - 2002
The Flaming Lips: Michael Ivins - Bass - 2002
The Flaming Lips: Kliphton Scurlock - Drums - 2002
Jason Falkner - Guitar - 2003
Josh Klinghoffer - Guitar - 2003
Steven McDonald - Bass - 2003
Jay Bellerose - Drums, Percussion - 2003
Greg Kurstin - Keyboards, etc - 2002-2005

5. Who has opened for Beck?
Kill Whitey
that dog.
Charles Brown Superstar
Ben Lee
Doo Rag
Cibo Matto
Tommy and the Demons
Money Mark Nishita
The Dirty Three
The Roots
Olivia Tremor Control
Trumans Water
Wiskey Biscuit
Sexy Death Soda
Red Red Meat
Atari Teenage Riot
The Cardigans
Beachwood Sparks
DJ Shadow
Ben Folds Five
Sean Lennon
Elliott Smith
Tenacious D
Radar Bros.
Beth Orton
Hank Williams III
Danko Jones
Ray Wonder
Cafe Tacuba
Rufus Wainwright
The Flaming Lips
Dashboard Confessional
The Black Keys

6. Who has Beck opened for?
Evel Knievel
Liz Phair
Soul Asylum
Johnny Cash
Sonic Youth
Bruce Springsteen
Neil Young
Bob Dylan
The Verve
Dave Matthews Band
Beth Orton

7. What is the "Beck and Al Hansen: Playing With Matches" Exhibit?
Starting in 1998, a traveling art exhibit featuring art and video installations by Beck and his late grandfather Al Hansen made it's way around the world. The exhibit wrapped up in 2000, but the art is featured in a companion book BECK AND AL HANSEN: PLAYING WITH MATCHES.

Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica May 7-July 5, 1998*
Thread Waxing Space, New York City Sep 15-Oct 24, 1998*
Plug In, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada November 19-Dec 23 1998
Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver, BC Canada Feb 3-March 7, 1999
LaForet & Parco Galleries, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya April-July 1999
Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta Canada Aug 13-Oct 3, 1999
Power Plant, Toronto, Ontario Canada Dec 2-Feb 26 1999-2000
Schloss Moyland, Germnay March 10-May 14,2000
The Works Festival Edmonton, Canada June 24-August 14, 2000
Agnes Etherington Arts Centre, Kingston Ontario Sep 5-Oct 14,2000
Cheekwood Art Gallery, Nashville, TN Oct. 27-Jan 7, 2000

* denotes Beck's attendance at the opening.

8. What are "Loser" shows?
Dates marked as being "Loser" shows are dates where Beck's old band "Loser" played. Loser consisted of:

Steve Hanft - Vocals
Beck - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Tollman - Bass (1992)
Claire Crespo - Bass (1992-1994)
Moses - Drums (1992)
Lisa Dembling - Drums (1992-1994)
Loser existed from 1992 until 1994, performing songs written by Steve and Beck, until they changed their name to Liquor Cabinet to avoid confusion with Beck's "Loser" single. Beck then left the band and was replaced with Thomas Hendrix, of "Kill the Moonlight" fame (Thomas is the "I'm A Driver, I'm a Winner..." sample in the song Loser).

Opening up select local Beck shows, Liquor Cabinet (then later Tommy and the Demons) existed until 1996, when they broke up and and transmogrified into Sexy Death Soda, who put out one record, "California Police State", on Bong Load Records. Beck would sometimes jump onstage and jam with SDS at their L.A. shows.

--- from the official Beck website

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