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Blue County
Have you been thinking there aren't enough duos in country music today? Tired of the same ol' same ol'? Then you should check out Curb/Asylum's new recording duo Blue County! Made up of Aaron Benward and Scott Reeves, these guys have the looks, attitudes and most of all the voices to win any country music fan's heart!

Aaron, who hails from Auburn, Indiana, was surrounded by music growing up. After a brief stint in college; his father Jeoffrey, a professional gospel singer, invited Aaron to tour with him. Together they played more than 130 concerts annually for several years and recorded three CD's. The experience sculpted Aaron to the techniques of duo singing, which may be one reason why he never quite hit the jackpot after leaving to seek his fortunes as a solo artist.

Scott, who was born in Delight, Arkansas - and raised in Los Angeles started singing at an early age with his Uncle Jack; but, his strongest musical influence came from close family friend, Glenn Campbell. After high school, Scott, who had been acting as well as playing music, picked up work in commercials and on television shows.

Aaron and Scott teamed up after meeting on a music video in Nashville five years ago. It was an instant brotherhood! The two were inseparable! After years of friendship, and a bit of gentle pressure from their wives - the guys decided to see how it felt to sing together. They discovered not only did they have a perfect friendship, but also perfect harmonies!

One fateful day, the duo made it to Curb Records. There, they sat down in front of Doug Johnson, the A&R director for the new Asylum subsidiary, and performed. When they were finished, the first words out of Doug's mouth were "Man, one of you is really gonna have to screw this up to not make it work." With that, Blue County was officially born.

Most importantly, call your local radio station and request the duo's first single, "Good Little Girls."

--- from the official Blue County website

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Blue County
Blue County

Tue, Apr 24th
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