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Bob Guiney
Bob Guiney Vocals Joel Ferguson Guitar
Matt Jackson Bass Andy Patalan Guitar
Jeff "Pico" Gensterblum Drums

Five years ago, an aspiring songwriter named Bob Guiney made the traditional industry rounds showcasing his music in the hopes of fulfilling his dreams. Like many before and countless others since, his efforts yielded rejection, and the band he fronted that traveled under the moniker Fat Amy never got the national shot he desperately sought. One of the record labels that did take that initial look back then, and hosted a showcase for the artist, was Wind-up Records. As we fast forward to the future there is no doubt what a difference a half-decade can make.

When Guiney showcased for the start-up label, Wind-up had just released their first signing (the band Creed). As that career began to gain momentum, the decision was made to not release another album for the remainder of the year leaving the opportunity for Fat Amy as a non-starter. A half decade later, label President Steve Lerner was reintroduced to Guiney through the reams of print press running editorial surrounding his selection on the highly visible television show he stars in. Remembering a fondness for the material and the artist, the label contacted Guiney and received his current repertoire of songs. Lerner recalls, "After previewing the new material we loved it, and fortunately unlike the window when we were consumed with launching Creed, this is the right time to offer Bob the opportunity we considered five years ago. Within Wind-up, we never forgot the presence and passion Bob had for his music, and we know he has the talent to establish himself as a career music artist."

As Bob Guiney emerged from obscurity and quickly entered the world of celebrity, many of the dreams that found little more than doors shutting in his face have become re-born. The one he most actively dreamed of being the record deal that he elusively sought those years ago as he traveled from Detroit to the Big Apple. Guiney offered, "Music has always been my first love. I certainly did not do a television show to try and amount to anything with music I never even mentioned it on the show. The fact that all of this has happened is amazing." He continued, "Wind-up was always a label I felt comfortable with in more ways than one. They're a family. And they're not interested in ANYTHING but the music."

During college he founded the aforementioned band "Fat Amy," which was an immediate fan favorite throughout the Midwest . After two independent releases in 1995 and 1997 and an exhaustive and rampant touring schedule covering the South, Midwest and stretching from coast to coast, the band and Guiney finally decided to take a hiatus in 1999, choosing instead to focus on careers and family.

In 2001, two of his assistants at his office who were tired of Bob dating women that, in their opinion, weren't "good enough" for him, signed him up for the television show starring Trista that marked his on-screen debut. Unbeknownst to Guiney, it would change his life forever. He went on the show, and although he was not selected, he obviously was able to win the hearts of people all across America and throughout the world.

After numerous appearances on Oprah as a result of the aforementioned show, ABC announced on May 13, 2003, that Bob Guiney would be the star of their next installment of the series which premiered on September 24, 2003 . With the new found fame, he has captured the heart of America .

Bob Guiney 's debut album features two of the original members of Fat Amy (Jeff "Pico" Gensterblum - Drums & Matt Jackson - Bass), in addition to a former member of Sponge (Andy Patalan Guitar) and a member of The Verve Pipe (Joel Ferguson Guitar). Guiney offers, "Jeff and Matt have always been a huge factor in my music because they have been with me since day one. Andy is a prolific songwriter and has a great ear for melody." He continues, "Aside from being a great arranger, Matt has tenacity towards getting things done; he handles it." Looking back on the long road, he recalls, "Andy actually served as a producer for us back in the day with Fat Amy and to have him as a collaborator now has given us even better songs and more cohesiveness as a band." In discussing the track "Temporary Life," Guiney cites, "This was the first song that Andy and I worked on. We finished it about six weeks ago, and I honestly think it is a beautiful song the really reflects where we're going musically." In discussing the composition "Fortunate," he mentions, "I wrote this song as I realized things in my previous relationship had bottomed out. It's always had a special place with me because of the fact that I began to realize I was doing no favors to anyone by staying in a destructive relationship." The lead single on 3 Sides is "Girlfriend," a track Guiney mentioned is, "One of two songs on the album that we collaborated with other writers on, building from original compositions. This song jumped out at me immediately because it resonated with how my life has been lately. I added some verses and a bridge that helped it really come full circle, and feel more like a part of me personally."

The release date for the debut title 3 Sides has been set for November 25th, as Guiney will finally see his lifelong dream of a national album release fulfilled.

--- from the official Bob Guiney website

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