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vince di fiore - trumpet, percussion
*xan mccurdy - electric guitar
**gabe nelson - bass guitar
john mcCrea - vocals, acoustic guitar, organ
todd roper - drums, percussion

* orginally greg brown, he left the band prior to the recording of prolonging the magic.

** originally victor damiani, he left the band in '97

and take note that ex-cake members greg brown and victor damiani have formed a new band, with the lead singer of another sacramento band, little guilt shrine. the band, death ray is signed to capricorn records. cake's current drummer, todd roper plays drums on the album...

how the band formed:

there's no amazing story... cake formed like most bands, they were aware of each other because of the local music scene. the band was formed september '91, in sacramento, where most of the members are originally from.

before there was CAKE:

vince was in a band called bub orchestra, "sort of an improvisational-jazz thing."

john was a solo coffee house kind of performer. he has an lp out, rancho serro. he was also a member of john mcCrea and the rough housers and the dali lamas.

victor, greg, and todd were in a hard rock band called saturday's child.

there were also the oh-so-glamorous day jobs... greg and todd were couriers, victor and greg had a lot of driving jobs, including cabs. john was a waiter. vince (who has a degree) was "a preschool teacher or something..."


old country music, 70s and modern soul. "We're more of a conglomeration of a lot of different styles." ... "We're a rock band, really, we just don't listen to much rock."

why is the sound quality on motorcade of generosity so crappy, you ask?

motorcade was an album that was originally financed by the band. it was a "shoestring budget" and recorded in-between day jobs and gigs over the course of about 9 months in 1994. the result was distributed by stamen records, until the boys were picked up by capricorn, and the lovely fellows at capricorn licesnsed it and released the same low-fi version... a remastered version was released in '99.

now look at the back of your motorcade cd case. see the pineapple-y thing? it's a flower pod. the logo of stamen music.

-- from http://members.aol.com/rubyczall/bandbio.htm (no bio on official site)

--- from the official Cake website

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Available Albums

Pressure Chief

Prolonging the Magic

Tue, Apr 24th
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