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Chevelle - Formed in Chicago, Illinois 1995

Pete Loeffler - Guitar and Vocals
Joe Loeffler - Bass and Vocals
Sam Loeffler - Drums

This Type Of Thinking Could Do Us In - September 21, 2004 Epic
"Still Running" - The Punisher (soundtrack) - March 23, 2004 Wind-up
Live from the Road - November 11, 2003 Epic
Live from the Norva (DVD) - October 14, 2003 Epic
"Until You've Reformed" - Daredevil (soundtrack) February 4, 2003 Wind-Up
Wonder What's Next - October 8, 2002 Epic
Point #1 - May 4, 1999 Squint Entertainment

--- from the official Chevelle website

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Available Albums

This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)

Wonder What's Next

Vena Sera

Wed, Apr 25th
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