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D.H.T. Is a European / Belgian dance band, their style; happy, vocal dance with influences from all over the dance scene. The music is uplifting and is guaranteed to make you dance. Since 2001 D.H.T. are working in the current formation with singer Edmée, MC/DJ Da Rick and producers. Edmée started singing for D.H.T. when she was only 15 years old, now on her 20th she is an experienced singer in the studio and also on stage. Da Rick (Flor) was also known from formations; Da Boy Tommy, Sergeant Pepper and D&D. The repertoire consists of various own productions but also some dance remakes from classic 80's hits.
"Listen to your heart" in different dance versions was recently released in various countries, and was a huge breakthrough for D.H.T. the dance versions made it in clubs all over the world and also the unplugged piano version is very popular.
Currently D.H.T. is working on an album, the classic hits and a lot of brand new material.
D.H.T. on stage has been known for their performances with high crowd participation.
Edmée live vocals and Da Rick working with the crowd will make the room go nuts. In 30 minutes the place will be upside-down.

Name: Edmée Daenen
Date of birth: 25-03-1985
Place of birth: Oostduinkerke, Belgium
Bio: Singer Edmee started singing for D.H.T. when she was 15 years old. The first single was D.H.T. Alone. Due to her young age she was not allowed to perform on stage with D.H.T. but she continued to sing all the D.H.T. songs: Alone, True love, Magic Melody, Uninvited, Listen to your heart. In the summer of 2003 Edmée joined D.H.T. live on stage. Her live vocals is one of the great success factors of D.H.T. on stage.

Da Rick
Real name: Flor Theeuwes
A.K.A: Da Rick, Da boy Tommy, sergeant pepper, D & D
Date of birth: 28-8-1976
Place of birth: Turnhout, Belgium
Bio: Flor is one of the main producers, writer, composer and sometimes even a singer for D.H.T. On stage "Da Rick" is pumping the crowd with the microphone and just being crazy. "Da Rick" used to be the MC / DJ of successful jump formations: Da rick, Da boy tommy, Sergeant Pepper & D&D.

--- from the official D.H.T. website

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Listen To Your Heart

Fri, Mar 23rd
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