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Dark New Day
Sure, Dark new Day is a new band- but perhaps a familiar one to many already, as all the guys have cut their teeth in various acts such as Sevendust, Tommy Lee band, Stuck Mojo, Stereomud, Skrape, Doubledrive, Creed and Virgos Merlot over the years.

Dark new Day may be new to you, but it's really a reunion that was twelve years in the making, as the members of Dark new Day literally grew up together. Brothers Clint and Corey Lowery and childhood friend Troy McLawhorn met singer Brett Hestla and drummer Will Hunt while touring as kids in the Southeast club circuit some time ago. "We were playing a circuit that had a lot of older people in it, in their twenties, and we were all kids, so we could identify with each other," says Hunt. "We really came into ourselves on that circuit," adds Corey. "It was like going to Rock 'N' Roll High School, you'd always try and turn it up because you wanted to impress each other." But it apparently wasn't meant to be, as the five men that would become Dark new Day more than twelve years later, went their separate ways...

After twelve years of writing, recording and touring in separate bands they became big influences on each other's style and remained close friends. In a year that saw rock music seemingly get angrier and angrier, Dark new Day came together to create a light at the end of the tunnel. With a sound that the band aren't afraid to admit is a sum of their cumulative parts, they deliver the heavy-handed finesse of Clint Lowery's contributions to Sevendust, Troy McLawhorn's inspired guitar play and melodic infrastructure that marked Doubledrive, and Hestla's soaring, effervescent vocals. Hunt is a rock behind the drum kit, and along with Corey Lowery, just might be the "baddest rhythm section in the world."

Look for Dark new Day's debut album "Twelve Year Silence" in stores NOW!

Courtesy of http://www.myspace.com/darknewday

--- from the official Dark New Day website

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Dark New Day
Twelve Year Silence

Sun, May 27th
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