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Diamond Rio
Marty Roe
Lead Vocal / Acoustic Guitar

Marty Roe was named after Country music legend, Marty Robbins and started singing at the age of two. The first song he ever sang was the "Star Spangled Banner," and by the age of six he had learned to sing Merle Haggard's "The Fugitive."

Marty grew up on a farm in Lebanon, Ohio where he daydreamt about winning a CMA award and where he practiced his acceptance speeches. Marty versed one of those speeches in 1991 when Diamond Rio won their first award from the Academy of Country Music as the Top Vocal Group. Marty's musical background included Church choir, Gospel Quartet, College Band, and the TN River Boys at Opryland. Based on his singing talent and all the years he had honed his craft in the various school and church music groups, he was granted a full-scholarship to David Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. Marty is married and has 2 daughters and enjoys playing Golf as often as he can.

"You want to feel with each album project when you sit back and listen to it that you can say, 'I like where we have come from, but I love where we are going.' We keep it fresh by trying new things and going new places. As long as we're doing that, I'll stay with it."

Gene Johnson
Mandolin / Tenor Vocal

Gene Johnson grew up in Sugar Grove Pennsylvania and played the mandolin professionally at a hometown square dance at the age of 4 years old but his finest performance would come years later when he was part of an acoustic quartet at Carnegie Hall.

Gene was heavily influenced by the early country and bluegrass music and also folk and blues played a large part. In the early 80's, Gene joined a well-known group from Kentucky called J. D. Crowe and The New South. Also during this time, Keith Whitley was a member of this band adding to Gene's list of Favorite Singers.

Gene loves the forest and has a wonderful talent in carpentry, and a great hobby collecting old tools and old instruments.

Gene is married and has 2 daughters.

In 1987, after the Tennessee River Boys left Opryland to go on the road, Marty, Dan, Jimmy and Brian welcomed their newest member Gene Johnson

"We've always tried to have a good mix of stuff on our albums -" something that's fun, something that's very radio friendly, something that's going to touch someone's heart, maybe even something that's pop influenced. More than ever, on the COMPLETELY album, we wanted to show more than one musical side of Diamond Rio."

Brian Prout

Brian was born December 4th in Troy New York and now resides in Nashville TN with his wife singer/songerwriter Stephanie Bentley. Brian and Stephanine are the proud parents of 3, Lily and new twins Bentley and Sophie.
Brian's first performance was with his sister Lori doing a song and dance routine. Brian grew up playing drums in various Rock bands in the New York area and by the late 70's he was ready to head South to Florida where he found his taste of Country music, so his only career experience has been as a working musician.

Brian became a member of Diamond Rio in 1987 joining Marty, Dan and Jimmy.

Brian loves to snow ski on his time off from the heavy touring schedule of Diamond Rio and enjoys spending time at home with family. Brian is married and has 3 children.

"Whenever I'm asked what my favorite song is that we've ever recorded, my usual response is whatever the current single is. But on this new album, I do have a favorite. "I Believe" just absolutely kills me. The melody is so beautiful, and it's one of Marty's best vocal performances, ever."

Dana Williams
Electric Bass / Baritone Vocals

Dana Williams was born in Dayton Ohio but grew up mostly in Nashville, TN.
His first performance was in church as the age of seven and as a youngster was influenced by a various styles of music including, bluegrass, country, rock and jazz but came back to where his heart was and is today, country music.

Dana joined Diamond Rio in 1989 and was the sixth and final member. Jimmy Olander knew Dana and called him to audition for the Tennessee River Boys. At the time Dana was hired, the guys only had one gig on their schedule, a television appearance on TNN's "Nashville Now." That night, the original members of Diamond Rio played together for the first time as the Tennessee River Boys.

Dana is married and has a ten year old son.

"This band is something I never thought would come my way, and when it did, it was the answer to so many questions in my life. People ask us what kind of music we listen to and what did we listen to when we were starting out. Well, COMPLETELY is the answer to those questions. There's a piece of all of us in this record, a piece of everything we like."

immy Olander
Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar

When Jimmy was 12 years old, his father took him to see a musician named Gene Johnson, who played the mandolin, in a small club near Detroit, MI. Gene became one of Jimmy's bluegrass hero's and later on....his partner in the group Diamond Rio.
Jimmy was born in Minneapolis, MN on August 26 and when he was a teenager he had already mastered the banjo and gave lessons, however, by the time he was in college in Nashville, he found out that guitar players were more in demand than banjo pickers, so he mastered the guitar.

Jimmy joined the Tennessee River Boys in 1984 at Opryland theme park alongside Marty and Dan. His musical influences are Earl Scruggs, Leon Rhodes and Clarence White and one of his all time favorite singers is Ella Fitzgerald.

Jimmy is married and he and his wife adopted two boys and are enjoying family life. Jimmy also enjoys sky diving and weight training.

" I remember that [co-producer] Mike Clute once asked me a very poignant question, He said, 'If this was your last album, what would you record?' I told him that I want to make records that will be played by friends in late-night listening parties, like I used to do, pulling out George Jones doing 'The Grand Tour,' The Dixie Dregs' 'Pride of the Farm' or Ella Fitzgerald singing 'Round Midnight.' "

Dan Truman
Keyboards / Piano

Dan plays keyboards/piano. His musical influences are deep rooted in jazz and classical music. Some of his favorite Country Music artists include Martina McBride, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts and Trisha Yearwood just to name a few. Favorite songs of this past year are "Run" George Strait, "Neon" John Mayer .

Dan's thoughts on "One More Day"........ For me, performing One More Day has
become the highlight of every show. Watching and feeling the crowd's
response to this song is an amazing thing. We have truly been blessed by the song
and it's power.

Dan's other musical projects include an instrumental album. Read about it at thiswaythat.com .

Dan's favorite places to eat are... P.F. Chang, and almost any mexican restaurants like Joe T. Garcias in Ft. Worth TX and PiPi's in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

--- from the official Diamond Rio website

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