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Diana Anaid
Diana Anaid began writing songs when she was nine. With the death of her mother, she faced foster parents, charity organizations, food vouchers and freaks. Diana settled down in Easter Australia as a teen. This is where she honed her unique guitar and writing style.

Diana Anaid kick-started her musical career by making her self-titled debut album and sending a copy to the national Australian youth radio network, Triple J. The radio stations picked up on the album's first track, "I Go Off," and began playing it with an immediate response from the listening audience across the country.

Diana's first album was released through independent record label Origin Recordings in Australia. Diana was nominated as "Best Female Performer" for the 2000 ARIA awards - they are Australia's Grammys.

Her debut album was nominated as the "Best Independent Release" for the 2000 ARIA awards, having bristled with originality in her song writing and unique style of performance. The strength of her material was partly inspired by her upbringing.

With the instant success of "I Go Off," Diana went on the road, and over the past three years has been on several successful Australian national tours, both solo and with the bands, supporting sever artists, such as Cake, The Eels and Grinspoon.

Diana's debut album on Five Crowns Music, and her first in the United States, is a collection of songs she has written over the past year: they are personal, reflective, biting tales of her own roller coaster of emotions and observations of life around her. They are the result of a songwriter's journey. The sound of this record is a forceful interpretation of her acoustic-based songs with an intricate and always progressive big sound.

Diana will be touring extensively throughout the United States and Australia this year.

--- from the official Diana Anaid website

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Diana Anaid
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Diana Anaid

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