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Frankie Jordan
Frankie Jordan

"I've been waiting for this to start happening for the past two years, and all I want to do now is work!" Ambitious words, spoken by a talented young woman, poised on the verge of something big. Frankie Jordan brings a fresh, energetic presence to the music scene, one that will soon be heard on "Once Again," her first single for Curb Records.

Frankie has always wanted to be an entertainer. She sang and performed for family, friends, and at almost every high school audition and recital and always got the biggest singing parts-which ironically enough, didn't suit her, as she initially wanted to do more acting. Nevertheless, it wasn't long before she realized music was her calling.

Ambitious and dedicated to learning from experience, Frankie started auditioning for a variety of singing groups, when her talents caught the eyes and ears of Antonina Armato and Tim James, a successful LA based songwriting/producing team. Taken back by both her talent and compelling presence, the two decided to test her potential by immediately getting her in the studio. That experience opened Frankie's eyes to what she truly wanted to accomplish with her talents; she ultimately decide to follow her heart...and fully embark on a music career.
By having people bust her chops, Frankie's learned to better herself. She says. "I feel I've grown up much faster because of that. I now have a better idea on how to express my passion within my music".

Don't be mislead by her beauty and charm, Frankie is serious about the music business and knows that it is a business. "Madonna is someone that I really admire, the way she has evolved and changed and the way she's involved in every element of her career. She's passionate about her music, but has a firm grasp on the business end of things. I plan to have a long career and you need to learn all the ropes."

These days 21-year-old Frankie calls North Hollywood home, in what little spare time she has, she hangs out with friends, practices on her guitar, goes dancing, and enjoys water sports, She also manages to hold down a part-time job at an a LA pizza restaurant. Not a typical young woman in Los Angeles, but one with a leg up on the competition.
"Once Again" is set for a fall release on Curb Records.

The song's inspiration, naturally enough, comes from Frankie's personal experience. She expressed what she felt when one romance failed and another one blossomed to Tim and Antonina, who with Frankie, put her emotions into a compelling, unforgettable melody and heartfelt lyrics.

A soulful voice, poised for success, Frankie Jordan credits some of the very best in the business as her musical influences and inspirations, "Tim and Antonina introduced me to an amazing group of artists, lots of good funk and soul: Billie Holliday, Aretha, Sade, Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday and Sly & The Family Stone. I wish Bob Marley was still alive."

--- from the official Frankie Jordan website

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