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G Unit
Artist: 50 Cent

Birth Date: July 6, 1976

Birth Name: Curtis Jackson

How'd You Come Up in The Game?:
I was introduced to Jam Master Jay by a friend of mine and he gave me my first shot to get on a record. But the Tour Schedule for Run DMC became so hectic that he couldn't concentrate on me. I moved forward and ended up meeting Corey Rooney and got a record deal at Columbia. He was Jennifer Lopez executive producer, that's how I met her. My first album came out in 99. But I got shot, and dropped from Columbia Records. I had to figure out how to market myself. So I spent a few months out of town to heal up and everything. When I came back down I started working the mixtape circuit. I tried to have a song on every mixtape on the street. I wasn't in a hurry cause it would have been my 3rd record deal and I wanted to be successful the Third time around.

How'd You Come up with the G-Unit Concept?:
G-unit stands for Guerilla Unit. I didn't use Guerilla because that group had that Video Out. Remember that cartoon? So I used G-Unit Instead. It was 6 of us at one point. Myself, Yayo, Sha Money & 2 other guys. Lloyd was too young at the time.

What's Your Favorite Song off 'Beg for Mercy'?/Why?:
My favorite song is 'Smile'. It's cause I put together the kind of record that I feel will give Banks a big start. I enjoy the whole record, but I feel like it'll set up his career and now he can go to the material that he has.

What's Your Favorite Song of all time?/Why?:
In Da Club.. It was just me lighting it up and have some fun. I made the Record in 30 minutes, me and Dre. After it was done it became so big. It's my biggest record to date. Other then that, I like the Marshall Mathers LP, I listen to it all the time and try to get it. He did something that people identified with, that's why the love him so much. That's what I want to do.

Who were your influences growing up?:
RUN DMC, KRS 1, Rakim was Hot.

What Made You Want to be a Rapper?:
I always loved the music. It wasn't until I thought about it and it was time to make a different decision in the route of my life. My son was on his way, so I had to do something different. I couldn't afford to be back and forth in jail.

What Artist and/or Producer Would You Like to Work with?:
I'd like to work with Steve Wonder as artist or producer cause he can do both. I've worked with a lot of people so its hard to say. Also, Prince, if I can get him to do something like his older material.

What other Album, aside from 'Beg For Mercy', are you anticipating this year?:
Lloyd Banks Album March 9th, his album is coming. Eminem is gonna put out a new album. I heard some of it and its crazy. I'm excited to hear that record.

What's your Most Memorable Moment Since Everything Jumped Off In The Past Year?:
The first week sales on 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'. I acceded everyone's expectations at that point. I was in ATL for the NBA all star weekend at when I found out.

What do you do in your free time when you have it?:
Write Music or just at the crib going through beats. I work all the time. I'm listening to music that they (other members of g-unit) made that I haven't listened to yet. I try to get in the Gym. You are limited to what you can do with your training while on the road.

What's the Difference between performing Here in the US and Abroad?:
Overseas.. they're both cool, I enjoy them both. Everyone knows the words here, so that's when I get the momentum. Overseas, they try to learn the music and the words. Their energy is higher than the states at times.

Artist: Lloyd Banks

Birth Date: April 30th, 1982

Birth Name: Christopher Lloyd

How'd You Get in The Game?:
My Story starts in Queens. I grew up around the corner from 50. Me and Tony Yayo lived on the same block. I've been rapping for a long time, its just something I did. Even when I was in school, 11 or 12, instead of doing my work I would write down everything around me. Even when I wasn't rapping I would write. It was something I did in my spare time. I was young, 50 is 7 years older then me. The things I was rapping about wasn't what he was going through. The things I'm going through now, he was going through then.

Yayo is older he went on the road with 50 on the Nas promo tour, the Cash Money/ Ruff Ryders Tour, and I was still at home. So I got on local some mixtapes and created a little buzz around the neighborhood.

How'd You Hook Up With G-Unit?:
When I was doing the local mixtapes, that was around the same time 50 got shot. When you get shot sh*t changes. You start saying "who's really your friends?" Or who's around because you're a good person to be around? A lot of people stayed away including the label. When I made that decision to get with 50 in the game it was more like you know what "sh*t happens in this game". I'm going to be in the game with somebody I'm going to take a bullet for and vice versa. I was in the hood, if you told me I can make a million dollars, I'm like yeah I'd rather die for a million dollars then 10 dollars.

Everyone in the Hood had their opinion, why you waiting on 50. But every week Yayo was coming home from somewhere new, with something new to tell me. So I was like, I'm gone ride behind him. Soon as 50 came from the hospital he came to get me, we got together and he showed me a list of a bunch of DJs. Before you knew it we went into the studio and did 18 songs. The Next Day we were On every single mixtape hittin' the streets.

What's Your Favorite Song off 'Beg for Mercy'?/Why?:
Smile. It's my personal favorite. I have records that I listen to More then others, but that's the record that I had a lot of fun recording. The hood they care more about the Gangsta side and the punch lines. I fed them that on the Mixtape.. I rarely get a chance to touch on something positive, or reach out for the Females and touch them. It's not so much of an R&B Record. It's not like Ja and them did it, all mushy and sh*t. "I want to be the reason you smile.. after you dry away your tears and dry your eye". Everything in my hood, its different, it doesn't always go down like that. Sometimes a girl is just your hommie, you might have a baby or two, so I'm giving them that aspect of a relationship. I wanted to give the females a different side of Lloyd Banks.

What's Your Favorite Song of all time?/Why?:
In Da Club.. that's the one that popped it up. Outside of G-Unit, I listen to Snoop A lot. 'Gin & Juice' is one of my favorite Records.
Who were your influences growing up?:
My Rap influences are Snoop, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap. I grew up with Mobb Deep too, they were young so I understood what they were talking about a little bit more.

What Artist and/or Producer Would You Like to Work with?:
Trick Daddy. I want to work with Snoop on my Solo Project. I would work with Jay. I've worked with a lot of people already, Mostly Females, Eve, Mya, Brandy, Missy, Alicia. As far as a producer, I'd like to work with Timbaland. I haven't worked with him yet.

What other Album, aside from 'Beg For Mercy', are you anticipating this year?:
My Album. Just hearing it. I'm still buggin' at the G-unit CD, I can't really explain it. When we were making the record we didn't really get to stop and listen to the songs. If you listen for too long you'd get stuck on the record and you don't want to stick to just that.
I just got my hands on the album 2 days ago so I'm stuck on that still. To see my own album printed up and the art work, I'll probably be stuck on that for a little while.

What's your Most Memorable Moment Since Everything Jumped Off In The Past Year?:
It's been so many. Probably the Anger Management Tour overseas. It started off in Japan went all through Europe. I've never been out the state of NY, let alone being out the country. It was crazy to see Japan. They know the words to the record. When I felt like I didn't belong, someone would come out the crowd and run up on me. That was the highlight.

What do you do in your free time when you have it?:
I write. I write a lot. All day, whenever I've got time. I smoke a lot. I don't smoke cause it make me write better. I smoke cause I've been doing it since I was 11 years old, so it's just something I do.

Banks on the West Coast Influences on 'Beg For Mercy':
We've been out in the West Coast a lot in the past year and a half. Almost every two weeks. You Start seeing different things. We picked up on what Em and Dre do cause the music is hot. You flash back sometimes, like damn "I'm in the Studio with Dr. Dre". I'vw always rapped over west coast beats. I guess it came from listing to Snoop Dogg & the Dogg Pound growing up. Working with the best producer in the world, it makes your music change. But I don't feel no pressure. My only pressure is to impress 50.

Even with other places, like down in the south, Buck taught me some stuff down there. Like that market is going to react to this. On tour, you get to see what influences the different places in the world. If you didn't go on tour you wouldn't know how to impact the people in those places.

Last Remarks:
go get the album "beg for mercy" cause it's retarded. It's the stepping stone for our Future Solo Projects. You only get one first impression, so we had to work real hard on this. This album is going to make you accept me as a solo artists. On 'Beg for Mercy', I've been doing what I've been doing. Let 50 and Em do the Hooks. I want the questions of pressure to keep up until my album comes out. I'm gonna shock the world. I'm gonna record 40 songs and at the end of the day your gonna hear what 50, Em and Dre thought were the best records.

Also, I'm Single like a Motha Fuc*a..

What's your Kind of Chick?:
I like chicks that like me.. no I'm just playing.. I'm attracted to the ones that are attractive to all men. I AM SINGLE..... 40 and Under.. I'm lookin'!

It seems like a lot of the songs on 'Beg for Mercy' are for the ladies. More so then on 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. Why was that?:
Thing is, you don't want to just cater to your hood. You have to make your music world wide. Everything can't always be Shoot Em Up, Bang Bang all the time.... On The Mixtape, we always come hard. In the artwork, everything has Guns, it's Dark and Grimy. We just like to show a different side of G-unit.

Artist: Young Buck

Birth Date: March 15, 1981

Birth Name: David Brown

How'd You Get in The Game?:
Rap Music, Music was always a part of my life from the beginning. I got in the game from just being heard back in the day. I ran into Cash Money and it didn't happen from there. That was the first established group of people that I met who were ready and were making money in the game. That was 4 years ago. Music has always been a part of me but It just got serious in the past 5 or 6 years.

How'd You Hook Up With G-Unit?:
After my situation with cash money didn't work, I went back to Nashville, TN. I did whatever it takes to make money. I built a relationship with Juvenile. I was at home, and he decided to create a label. So I decided to go out with him on the road, and record, shop myself and with him. We went to NY two and a half years ago .. Juvi had a studio in his bus, and was looking to work with other artists. 50's name was brought up and I was a fan, so I really wanted to make it happen. So 50 ended up coming through, and brought Banks & yayo. We just vibed, we played songs, and he was playing his shit, I was playing mine. It led to us recording a song. It was on "50 Cent's The Future" Mixtape. I had a little 8 bar verse titled a "little bit". From then, I just stayed in touch. 50 said that if my situation happens, I'll come for you, I'll holla. And he did.

What's Your Favorite Song off 'Beg for Mercy'?/Why?:
'G'd Up'. I like the song. For 1, the track is crazy. It was produced by Dr. Dre. It has me, Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent on the song. It's what the average ghetto child goes through everyday, and we touching on that subject in the song.

What's Your Favorite Song of all time?/Why?:
Tupac's 'All Eyes On Me'. I really like that song for the simple fact that I feel it now. I understand a little more about what he was saying in that song, and what I'm seeing now.

Who were your influences growing up?:
I caught the Tupac/Biggy era. Tupac, Dre, Eminem. I'm young so I pay my respect to the old school, but I can't sit here and tell you that I was listening to those records and understood what it was saying.

What Made You Want to be a Rapper?:
I've been illegal for so long you understand? Just to do something that I'd love to do, and its legal. It drew my attraction because I've got a true love for the music before the money. So if I can do something I love and make money I'm with it. My inspiration is my Daughter. To provide for her. That's my Extra Push. I don't' ever want to go back to Having Nothing. That makes me go 10 times harder then the average rapper.

What Artist and/or Producer Would You Like to Work with?:
Timbaland. I wouldn't mind working with Timbaland. As far as artists I've always wanted to work with 50, Em, Dr. Dre, and Snoop.. so that has come true. I've accomplished that. I wouldn't mind working with Scarface, Jay-Z and Snoop on my Solo Project.

How do you feel about the Southern Rap Movement being so strong right now?:
I respect all Southern Artists. The South .. We got a lot of weight on our shoulders. Anyone coming from the south I got a ear for. I love Little John, DTP, Luda's whole thing, TI, UGK, Style Camp, Serving the world click they gone be real hot.

What other Album, aside from 'Beg For Mercy', are you anticipating this year?:
We so focused. All I'm worried about is this 'Beg for Mercy' Album. I can't stop listening.

What's your Most Memorable Moment Since Everything Jumped Off In The Past Year?:
Buying my Mamma a house, and seeing a smile on her face. I lived in the projects till I was 22 years old. I'm 22 now. I lived in the project by choice. The lifestyle became accustomed to me and my family, so you don't really want to leave. When I got my Mamma up out of there, that's the most memorable thing in my life.

What do you do in your free time when you have it?:
Smoke Weed.

What's the Difference between performing Here in the US and Abroad?:
I think that here they know the music. They get a chance to see you here. Overseas you don't get to see us period, so the thought of us not coming back draws everybody, and it makes more people come together, it's a lot more energy.

Anything Else You Want to Say?:
The Dirty South Is here. Nashville, TN, that's where I'm from! It was a long time coming, but we here now, and it's all good.

Tony yayo interview at rikers island:

What is your relationship with 50 cent?:
I have known 50 my whole life. I have known 50 and banks my whole life, we all lived like a block apart from each other, so it's like a family. We used to sell drugs in the same neighborhood together. It's not like just met thru the industry, we knew each other our whole life. 50 is like my brother, banks is like my brother. We've been thru the good times and the bad times.

When 50 got shot, did it kill your hopes for a rap career?:
When 50 got shot he was like man my whole world came to an end cuz it's like, he got shot, nobody come over to my house no more, nobody was comin' to my house to do tapes, everybody was shittin' on me, he thought it was over for him cuz he got shot at his house, he thought he was dead, it was gonna be a wrap. When he got shot in his mouth columbia dropped him, everybody looked like looked at it like he was over, but i still had faith in 50 you know what i mean, that's why he's got a lot of love for me cuz i always knew he was gonna do it, always knew he was gonna get to the top.

So how do you feel now about him doin' 1.7 million albums in less than 2 weeks?:
I feel real good for him cuz i knew kid was gonna do it. I knew he was one of the best out there. When he say he's gonna do something, he gonna do it. It was god's plan that's why i thank god everyday.

What are you missing out on while being locked up?:
I miss the tours, i miss the women. I miss everything. I really miss the shows cuz i get an adrenalin rush every time i do a show. When i get out and do a show, it's no feelin like nuthin else the crowd is out there 10,000. 20,000. Whatever, it's like an adrenalin rush. Your heart start beating, know what i'm sayin' but you know you gotta do what you gotta do with no mistakes you know. It's hard work. But mainly i miss the people. The people and the shady aftermath staff it's like bein family you know that. I got love for them, everybody that looked out for me, know what i mean, especially the label. You'd think that alabel would shit on you if something happen but shady/aftermath is different.they show you real love, they kept it real, especially em.

Do you regret your actions?:
I look at it like, i got caught with a gun right, so i look it like everyday i carry a gun, i'm walkin' out the house with a felony on my waist. I regret my actions, but for every man's actions, he's gotta remember, there's consequences. Nobody wanna to be in here the time i've been in here and i paid the price. I just want to change my life around and do somethin' positive now that i have the chance to do it.

What do you think is key to becoming sucessful in this industry?:
I think the formula is consistency man. 50 always say to me that consistency is the key. If you can make a jumpshot million times, you gonna be money. If you can hit a baseball, you gonna get money. If you can do anything consistently you gonna get money. So really our formula is consistency man. We stay workin, stay in the studio. We stay in the studio and i'm a lab rat. 50 a lab rat, dre a lab rat you know what i mean, that's what we enjoy doin'. So we stay doing. But it's really work. Now with shady/aftermath we're good, money rolling in and we're sellin records. The formula to me is consistency, stay on the job...if you want something, you can't sit on your ass, you gotta do somethin about it. That's with anything in life, you gotta work for it. Ain't nothin in this world comin for free.

What do you want to tell your fans?:
You can change your life around man look at me man like i said dude, i was sellin drugs a couple months ago you know what i'm saying, but god is good now i got the chance to do somethin positive with my life, anything you wanna do you put your mind to it you can do. That's my message to all the gang kids out there. I can't knock a person for doin whatever they gotta do, but i'd rather you do something positive rather than something negative. For all the little kids out there. That's about it. And i wanna thank all the fans, with the free tony yayo tshirts on, the free yayo bannisters, puttin' free yayo ontheir pants, cuz the fans are why i'm here. They are why i'm at the level i'm on right now. I definitely gotta thank the fans and i gotta thank the streets.

--- from the official G Unit website

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