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1991 - August

Ryan Miller, Brian Rosenworcel, and Adam Gardner meet during freshman orientation at Tufts University and become friends, talking mostly about their high school bands -- The Silents, Toejamb, and Royal Flush.

1992 - October 8

After writing a few songs in dorm rooms, the trio names themself "Gus" and lands their first gig at the campus center nightspot, "Hotung Cafe."

1993 - April
Gus records their 4-song demo tape at Toxic Audio in Boston MA.

1993 - Summer
Running a small P.A. system off of a boat battery, the band begins busking in Harvard Square selling tapes for 5 bucks out of a guitar case. This would continue until noise violation tickets were enforced in 1996.

1994 - February-April

As juniors at Tufts, Gus links up with producer Mike Denneen to record "Parachute," their first album. The three band members earned a total of five incompletes in classes that semester.

1995 - May
Ryan, Brian, and Adam graduate from college, buy a used van, and hit the road. Adam grows his hair out.

1995 - July
Another artist calling himself "Gus" inks a deal with a subsidiary of Geffen Records. Resistance is futile. After a three-day brainstorming binge the band changes their name to "Guster" and vows to punish Gus if they ever meet him.

1996 - December

Guster records the album "Goldfly" in Los Angeles and releases it independently early the next year.

1997 - October 4

During a performance at a Princeton University party, Ryan Miller tinkles in a Nantucket Nectar bottle. The crowd of ivy-leaguers who averaged 1530 on their S.A.T.'s goes wild.

1998 - February

Guster signs a recording contract with Sire Records, who re-release Goldfly and do things like booking the band on the Conan O Brien show later in the year.

1999 - Winter/Spring
The album "Lost & Gone Forever" is written in the band apartment in Somerville MA and recorded in San Francisco with producer Steve Lillywhite.
1999 - July 24
Woodstock 99 in Rome NY features Kid Rock on the East Stage and Guster on the West Stage.
1999 - August
The band hosts a charity yard sale at their apartment before they move out. The "WOW" t-shirt Ryan wore on the back cover of Parachute goes for $110.

2000 - February
"Fa Fa" video is shot in a rollerskating rink in Los Angeles.

2000 - March
The band happens upon the artist named "Gus" that originally forced them to change their name in Los Angeles. And they all shared a hearty laugh...

November 2001

Guster enters a cave and doesn't come out.

--- from the official Guster website

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