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Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani - Vocals
Tony Kanal - Bass
Tom Dumont - Guitar
Adrian Young - Drums

The Very Beginning

Anaheim, California. Little Gwen, whose tastes run along the lines of The Sound of Music, agrees to sing lead vocals on older brother Eric Stefani's first song, "Stick It In The Hole," about a pencil sharpener. Born and raised in England, relocated to Southern California at age 11, saxophonist Tony Kanal joins his high-school jazz band in 10th grade as the bass player. Ninth grader Adrian Young attempts to drum to "Bend Over" by O.C. band Doggy Style at a school talent contest; his parents bought him a kit when he was 18. A wee lad with a prized KISS record living in Irvine (California), Tom Dumont dreamed of being a rock star. As a teen, hopeful Tom started practicing guitar.

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--- from the official Gwen Stefani website

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Available Albums

Gwen Stefani
Love, Angel, Music, Baby

Gwen Stefani
The Sweet Escape

Wed, Apr 25th
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