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At the ripe age of sixteen, Jarvis has the persona to become one of the latest in a line of superstars attached to So So Def CEO, Jermaine "JD" Dupri. JD recently inked a deal with Jarvis' label, Tricyle Records, which will be distributed through the Zomba Label Group. Jarvis' hit single, "Radio," is already controlling the airwaves and is the perfect introduction for one of the music industries newest stars.

Jarvis made it his business to hold down the full-time job of recording his Tricycle Music debut album. Not much of a daydreamer, but an actual reality seeker...his heartfelt work ethic is sure to pay off. From the age of five, he knew that he was born to entertain. He thought, however, he would be lightening up the nets as a NBA basketball point guard. Even with his current varsity letterman status, music seemed to choose him first at the age of seven. Listening to a Fred Hammond single on the car stereo, nostalgia is sparked as he recalls mimicking his older sister's vocals, while she sang around the house causing the neighbors extreme headache!

As every artist is given the spotlight, Jarvis took center stage on the football fields and basketball courts of Tulsa. With pause Jarvis states, "I'm still amazed each time I work in the studio, I really never thought music would be my reality. I mean, all I could ever think about as a kid was playing in the NBA!" As nature has settled in its course - Jarvis is determined and motivated by song.

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jarvis now lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he is a junior in high school. The would-be basketball star remembers when not so long ago, his only solo was with the church choir. Moving ahead, within months of relocating to Atlanta, Jarvis entered the studio to record demos and learn the craft of recording.

He quickly grasped the techniques and learned the difference of performing live.

Early in his artist development, Jarvis dribbled forward in a fast break causing a slam-dunk with the multi-platinum producer Sean "The Hitmaker" Hall. Hall is famed with songwriting and music production for artists like Pink, Tyrese and 3LW. Jarvis "shook off" the pressure of working with an industry veteran, and with smooth execution he put his high school English classes to great use. Jarvis made the grade by co-writing his Tricycle Music debut single, "Radio." Shooting for the honor roll, Jarvis caught the ears of Radio One Atlanta's on-air talent E4Real and National Mixshow Coordinator Emperor Searcy. Shortly there after, Jarvis caught Tosha Love's, from Atlanta's V-103, attention. The support of Tosha Love and the V-103 on-air personalities contributed to breaking "Radio" in Atlanta. With this crew of accredited coaches, Jarvis is sure to build a stellar career!

In his music "off-season," Jarvis is laid back and chilled. He enjoys time with family and friends, shopping at the mall for the hottest footgear and catching current cinema. "My record is flawless why must we always go through this? You're going to loose, and if we were betting money...I'd be a rich dude," he boasts as he plays against friends at PS2 NBA Live 2003. "I'm working toward creating the hottest album on the shelves. Track for track I just want to make all the girls feel good," he snickers, "through my music of course! I can't forget about the fellas - this will be an album for the tens in the back!

--- from the official Jarvis website

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Sun, May 27th
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