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Lil Scrappy
There is something alluring about a debut artist, who, on the brink of super-stardom, approaches his craft as confidently as an established rhyme vet. Add a handsome face, a body sketched with tattoos reading ne 3nd Life, and a demeanor that makes it difficult for anyone to deny, and you have BME Recording's Lil Scrappy, aka the #1 Head-Bussa. "Head-bussa is someone like me who is so fresh, so clean," explains Scrappy while tilting his red, white and canary yellow Atlanta Hawks ball cap. "You dress better than anybody, you bustin' headz. If you rhyme better than anybody else, like I do, he smiles, u bustin' headz."

Lil Scrappy, born Darryl Richards, II, is a homegrown Atlantan discovered by BME Recordings' (home of Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz) power-team: entertainment attorney Vincent P. Phillips; super-producers Jonathon I Jonmith and Rob McDowell; and Hot 107.9's Emperor Searcy. During a high school concert featuring Lil Scrappy performing his hit single Head-Bussa, ver 2000, students chanted, "Some head bussas! We'll knock a hater out! We some head bussas," while simultaneously punching their right fists in the palms of their left. The virtual hypnosis between Lil Scrappy and the crowd was so amazing it encouraged BME Recordings to ask for a meeting the next day regarding signing opportunities.

It wasn't too long after when Head-Bussa was in constant radio rotation in Atlanta, Columbus and Macon, Georgia as well as Columbia, SC. Only a short time after that, Lil Scrappy was performing throughout the southern region of the United States, becoming a household name throughout the South amongst the youth and the over-25ers. Early notoriety afforded Lil Scrappy opportunities to record with southern superstars such as David Banner and Bone Crusher, both featured on "Come On."

Scrappy is currenty touring with BME Recording artists Trillville promoting their upcoming release The King of Crunk.

--- from the official Lil Scrappy website

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Lil Scrappy
King of Crunk & Bme Recordings Present: Trillville & Lil

Lil Scrappy
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