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Living Things
EPIMAG: How would you describe LIVING THINGS musical attitude?

LILLIAN: Anxious and ill at ease

EPIMAG: ...lets say that one of you decided to leave the band. Would you find a replacement or break up the whole band?

LILLIAN: Living Things is Lillian, Eve, Bosh, and Corey. Without all of us it's a broken heart.

EPIMAG: First punk show?

LILLIAN: Fugazi, with Jawbox

EPIMAG: How did you guys get signed to DreamWorks's records? Did they approach you, or did you go to them?

LILLIAN: They stumbled upon us in a pitiful bar in L.A., playing a show that was, lets just say a little bit of out of control and desperation

EPIMAG: What was your parents' first reaction when they first heard your music?

LILLIAN: My mother threw away all our records and replaced them with books.

EPIMAG: Out of all the bands that have broken up over the years, which one would you like to see get back together?

LILLIAN: None...every band has a moment and you can't recreate what was lost....once you take a step forward, you trip if you take two steps back...

EPIMAG: What were some of your influences while writing your album?

LILLIAN: Malcolm X, JFK, Castro, Muhammad Ali, Tupac Shukur, Sylvia Plath, Arthur Rimbaud, Noam Chomsky

EPIMAG: A lot of people feel that we gave peace a chance and we got 9/11? What are some of your views on the war?

LILLIAN: War is not healthy for children and all other living things... Lennon said it best "all we need is love"

EPIMAG: Favorite guitar player of all time?

LILLIAN: Bob Marley

EPIMOG: Any last words?

LILLIAN: Whatever the gods say to you in the night, speak it in the daylight.

--- from the official Living Things website

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