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Method Man
Ever since the sultan of Shaolin grabbed the spotlight on Wu Tang Clans'1993 epic Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers), Meth has been in yo face and in yo ears. Whether holding it down with the Wu on the group's three subsequent CDs (97's Wu Tang Forever, 2000's The W and 2002's Iron Flag), his solo joints--94's Tical and 98's Tical 2000 Judgement Day--Blackout!, 1999's collabo with partner in crime and rhyme Redman, guest spots on other folks' hits, or star turns on "Oz", "The Wire", How High and Soul Plane, Method Man has made damn sure that folks not only know who he is but appreciate what he is capable of. Nice on the mike, easy on the eyes, hot on stage, cool on screen, Method Man has become more than just a rapper but still remained the ultimate rapper in the game. With a lyrical style that is unpredictable, yet instantly recognizable and a persona that runs the gamut from low-key menace to hyped up stoner, Meth has brought the pain, and staked his claim, waiting to make his next move.

That move is the eagerly anticipated Tical 0: The Prequel. "I called it the Prequel because my second CD was From Judgement Day. Nothing can come back to judgement day all you can do is to come back to the beginning." Asked why it's been close to five long years since his last CD and Meth shrugs off the drama in the delay. "I got a big ass family of Wu Tang members and it's like everybody need they time to shine every year. I'm a patient n-gga. I'm not greedy." The time off obviously did Meth good since he considers this CD his favorite. "This is some of my best work right now, you know. I was more focused, more. Ready to do what the f--k I had to do. I never feel pressure. I got the best job in the world, man. I do what I love to do. You know that cliché: when you do what you love to do you never work a day in your life."

Meth's dedication to taking his craft to the next fonky phase is loud and clear on Tical 0. Featuring production from NO I.D, Just Blaze, Megahertz, P. Diddy, Missy (the two teamed up for "Mini-Van"), Jelly Roll (the electro-fied funk "Fire") and RZA along with guest appearances from Ghostface (the string heavy, "The Afterparty") Ludacris ("Rodeo"), and Raekwon, Tical 0 is Meth at his most fierce, fun and focused. Just check out the first single, "What's Happenin'" produced by Scratchator if you need proof that Method Man is taking no shorts; laying down mind bending street sonnets and getting the job done with style, sexiness and wit. Asked what he wants his fans to hear when they check out the CD and Meth cuts to the chase "I'm trying to get them to bust off. I'm trying to get people to make babies off my shit."

Of course fans know that it's not only on vinyl that Meth's been helping them to bust off. Over the past several years Method has established himself as a screen presence of note able to flip it from gut busting comedy's ala 2002's "How High" (co-starring Redman) or play it close to the bone (e.g. his feature film debut 1998's Belly and his spots on acclaimed HBO dramas "Oz" and "The Wire". His favorite aspect of acting? "Watching the full project being completed. Acting is a totally different ball game than just rhyming. I got more creative control when I rhyme, but I like working with other people in acting." Meth's charisma and skills has also brought him numerous endorsements i.e. his gig as the spokesman for Right Guard.

Make no mistake. Method Man has come a long way from the projects of Staten Island and the early, grimy days when a group of childhood friends teamed together to unleash the most influential hip hop act of its time, Wu Tang Clan. The rest? Hip hop history and a body of work that has stood the test of time and the fickle nature of the music industry.

Ask Method Man how he sees himself in the pecking order of rap bandits and the answer is pure Meth. "Hmm I got a pretty big pecker so I guess I'm number one."

No argument here.

--- from the official Method Man website

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