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Michael Jackson
November 6, 1971
Michael releases his first solo single "Got To Be There." He had already had eight Top 40 hits with the Jackson 5.

October 14, 1972
At the age of 14, Michael has his first #1 single called "Ben." It was the title song from a film about a beloved rat.

February, 1978
Michael plays the scarecrow in the movie musical The Wiz.

August 5, 1979
Michael's first studio album, Off The Wall, is released. The album spends eight months in the Top Ten. It becomes the first album in history to spawn four top ten singles. Two of the singles, "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" & "Rock With You," become number one hits and are certified Gold. Eventually the album is certified 7x Platinum in the United States.

November 29, 1979
"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" is certified Gold

December 10 , 1979
Off The Wall is certified Platinum

January, 1980
Michael hits the Top 10 with the single "Rock With You"

January, 1980
Michael wins 3 American Music Awards: Favorite Soul/R&B Album (Off The Wall), Favorite Male Soul/R&B Artist, & Favorite Soul/R&B Single ("Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough").

January, 1980
Michael wins 2 Billboard Awards: Top Black Artist and Top Black Album

February 14, 1980
"Rock With You" is certified Gold.

February 27, 1980
Michael wins a Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male ("Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough").

January, 1981
Michael wins American Music Awards for Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist and Favorite Soul/R&B Album (Off The Wall).

October 16, 1982
Michael writes and produces a single for Diana Ross called "Muscles."

November 9, 1982
A storybook album for 'E.T.: The Extraterrestrial' is released. The album contains narration and a new song from Michael. Michael later receives a Grammy for this album.

December, 1982
Michael releases Thriller, which contains a record 7 Top 10 hits, including the #1 hits "Billie Jean," "Beat It," and "Thriller." The album spends 37 weeks at #1 and remains on the Billboard album chart for 122 weeks. It is eventually certified 26x Platinum in the United States.

January 31, 1983
Thriller is certified Platinum.

February 21, 1983
Thriller reaches #1 for the first of 37 weeks.

March 5, 1983
"Billie Jean" reaches #1 on the singles charts for the first of 7 weeks.

March 25, 1983
Michael performs the moonwalk for a live audience for the first time. It is on the taping of the television special "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever." The show airs on television on May 16, 1983.

March 31, 1983
Michael's "Beat It" short film premieres on MTV.

April 4, 1983
"Billie Jean" is certified Gold.

May 9, 1983
"Beat It" is certified Gold.

May 16, 1983
The television special "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever," in which Michael performs the moonwalk for the first time, airs on television.

May, 1983
Michael hit the Top 40 with "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'."

December 2, 1983
The almost-14-minute-long "Thriller" short film is debuted on MTV.

December, 1983
"Making Michael Jackson's Thriller" - a long form video - is released and becomes the best-selling music home video ever.

January, 1984
Michael receives 8 American Music Awards: Favorite Male Artist (Pop/Rock), Favorite Male Artist (Soul/R&B), Favorite Pop/Rock Single ("Billie Jean"), Favorite Pop/Rock Album (Thriller), Favorite Pop/Rock Video ("Beat It"), Favorite Soul/R&B Album (Thriller), Favorite Soul/R&B Video ("Beat It"), plus the Special Award of Merit.

February 27, 1984
MTV world premieres Michael's Pepsi commercial.

February, 1984
Michael is nominated for 12 Grammy Awards and wins 8 of them: Record of the Year & Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male ("Beat It"); Album of the Year & Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male (Thriller); Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male & Best Rhythm & Blues Song (songwriter) ("Billie Jean"); Best Recording for Children (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial) & Producer of the Year (Non-Classical) (with Quincy Jones).

March, 1984
Jackson hit #1 with "Thriller."

July 6, 1984
For five months, beginning July 6, 1984, the Jacksons toured America and Canada with the Victory Tour.

September, 1984
Michael wins three MTV Video Music Awards: Best Overall Video, Viewer's Choice Award, and Best Choreography for "Thriller."

October 30, 1984
Thriller is certified 20x Platinum

January 28, 1985
"We Are The World" is recorded in one night - the night of the American Music Awards. The song was written by Michael and Lionel Richie. Quincy Jones produced the single. The performers on the single include Michael, Stevie Wonder, Cyndi Lauper, Paul Simon, and many others.

February, 1985
Michael wins a Grammy Award for Best Video, Long Form ("Making Michael Jackson's Thriller").

June 24, 1985
Off The Wall is certified 5x Platinum.

February, 1986
Michael wins the Grammy Award for Song of the Year (songwriter) ("We Are The World" with Lionel Richie).

August 8, 1987
"I Just Can't Stop Loving You," a duet with Siedah Garret, is released in advance of the forthcoming album Bad. This single becomes the seventh #1 single of Michael's solo career.

August 28, 1987
Michael releases Bad. It tops the charts for eight weeks and spawns seven hit singles.

September 12, 1987
Michael launches his Bad Tour on which he spends over a year visiting 15 countries.

September 28, 1987
"I Just Can't Stop Loving You" is certified Gold and hits #1 for 2 weeks.

October, 1987
Michael hits #1 for 2 weeks with "Bad."

November 9, 1987
Bad is certified 3x Platinum

December 31, 1987
Bad is certified 4x Platinum

January, 1988
Michael releases his autobiography, Moonwalk.

January, 1988
Michael receives an American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Single ("Bad").

January, 1988
Michael wins 3 Billboard Music Awards.

March 21, 1988
Bad is certified 5x Platinum.

June 1, 1988
Bad is certified 6x Platinum and Off The Wall is certified 6x Platinum.

September, 1988
Michael is honored at the MTV Video Music Awards with the MTV Vanguard Award.

January, 1989
Michael is honored with the Award of Achievement at the American Music Awards.

January 10, 1989
The "Moonwalker" long-form video is released.

February 14, 1989
"Billie Jean," "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," "Rock With You," and "Beat It" are certified Platinum and "Off The Wall" and "She's Out Of My Life" are certified Gold.

April 17, 1989
The "Moonwalker" long-form video is certified 8x Platinum.

December 4, 1989
The single "Thriller" is certified Platinum.

February, 1990
Michael wins the Grammy for Best Music Video, Short Form ("Leave Me Alone").

May 24, 1990
Thriller is certified 21x Platinum.

December 23, 1990
Michael is presented the "Video Vanguard Artist of the Decade" award in Los Angeles at the MTV Video Music Awards.

November 14, 1991
Michael's 11-minute "Black or White" short film debuts on television.

November 26, 1991
Michael releases Dangerous. It includes the hits "In The Closet," "Black or White," and "Remember The Time." The album eventually sells over 7 million copies in the U.S.

January 21, 1992
Dangerous is certified 4x Platinum.

January 6, 1992
"Black Or White" is certified Platinum.

February 10, 1992
MTV's first global sweepstakes, "My Dinner with Michael," begins. The winners of the sweepstakes, who live all over the world, get to attend a dinner party hosted by Michael on the set of the short film "In The Closet."

March 16, 1992
"Remember The Time" is certified Gold.

June 9, 1992
"In The Closet" is certified Gold.

June 27, 1992
Michael launches his Dangerous Tour.

January, 1993
Michael receives American Music Awards for Favorite Pop/Rock Album (Dangerous) & Favorite Soul/R&B Single ("Remember The Time") as well as the International Artist Award.

January, 1993
Rolling Stone Magazine compiles their list of "The 100 Top Music Videos." The lists includes "Leave Me Alone" at # 8, "Beat It" at # 12, "Thriller" at # 16, "Billie Jean" at # 27, & "Black Or White" at # 52.

January 31, 1993
Michael performs at halftime during Superbowl XXVII. This performance draws the largest viewing audience in the history of American TV.

February 10, 1993
Michael appears on Oprah Winfrey.

February 24, 1993
Michael receives the Living Legend Award at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles

March 2, 1993
Dangerous is certified 5x Platinum.

August 25, 1993
Thriller is certified 22x Platinum and Bad is certified 7x Platinum

November 12, 1993
"Dangerous - The Short Films" - a long form home video - is released.

December 3, 1993
"Will You Be There?" is certified Gold

January 5, 1994
Michael presents Debbie Allan with the award for "Outstanding Choreography" at the 26th Annual NCAAP Image Awards.

May, 1994
Michael starts his own record label, MJJ Music and later signs acts including Brownstone and 3T.

September 29, 1994
Thriller is certified 24x Platinum, Bad is certified 8x Platinum and Dangerous is certified 6x Platinum

October, 1994
Ebony Magazine interviews Michael about his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley.

June 9, 1995
"Video Greatest Hits - History" - a long-form home video - is released.

June 14, 1995
Prime Time Live interviews Michael and Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson

June 16, 1995
Michael releases HIStory: Past, Present & Future Book 1, a double album. HIStory contains a duet with Janet Jackson, "Scream," and the #1 hit "You Are Not Alone."

June 22, 1995
At the VH1 Honors, Michael is presented an award for his humanitarian work. This award is later renamed the "Michael Jackson Special Award."

June 22, 1995
Michael is interviewed by Bill Bellamy for part of a 30-minute special on MTV called 'Michael Jackson Changes HIStory.' After the special, the short film for "You Are Not Alone" premieres.

July 28, 1995
Michael is interviewed by Bill Bellamy for part of a 30-minute special on MTV called 'Michael Jackson Changes HIStory.' After the special, the short film for "You Are Not" alone premieres.

July 31, 1995
"Scream" is certified Platinum

August 16, 1995
History: Past, Present & Future Book 1 is certified 5x Platinum.

August 17, 1995
In his first internet chat, Michael talks about musical influences, his favorite place on earth, what it was like to work with Janet on the "Scream" short film, and his plans for the future and many other topics.

September, 1995
Michael's short film "Scream" wins 3 MTV Video Music Awards: Best Dance Video, Choreography, & Art Direction.

September 12, 1995
"Video Greatest Hits - History" is certified 2x Platinum

September 13, 1995
"Dangerous - The Short Films" is certified Platinum

October 13, 1995
"You Are Not Alone" is certified Platinum

December 6, 1995
Off The Wall is certified 7x Platinum.

January, 1996
Michael wins an American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist.

January 11, 1996
History: Past, Present & Future Book 1 is certified 6x Platinum.

February, 1996
Michael wins the Grammy Award for Best Music Video, Short Form ("Scream" with Janet Jackson).

September 7, 1996
Michael launches his HIStory Tour in Prague.

November 10, 1996
Michael does a VH1 interview while in Asia during the HIStory Tour. The interview questions are compiled from questions fans sent in.

November 19, 1996
While in Australia for a tour stop, Michael does an interview with Ian "Molly" Meldrum which is aired on Australian television.

December 18, 1996
"Dangerous - The Short Films" is certified 2x Platinum

April 4, 1997
In an OK Magazine interview, Michael talks about the birth of his son and what it's like to be a father.

May 6, 1997
Michael is inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame as part of the Jackson 5.

May 11, 1997
Michael releases Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix. The album contains eight remixes from 1995's HIStory: Past, Present and Future Book 1 and five new songs.

July 7, 1997
Thriller is certified 25x Platinum

July 17, 1997
Blood On The Dance Floor is certified Gold

September 12, 1997
Michael talks with 20/20's Barbara Walters about the recent death of Princess Diana.

September 19, 1998
Billboard Magazine celebrates the 40th Anniversary of their "singles charts" by compiling a list of the top songs over the past 4 decades. Michael is listed as the #1 male artist with the "Most #1 hits."

June, 1999
Michael, along with other artists, performed two benefit concerts in June 1999. The proceeds went to the following charties: The Red Cross, UNESCO, and The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. The June 25, 1999 performance was held in Seoul, Korea. The June 27, 1999 performance was held in Munich, Germany.

October 12, 1999
History: Past, Present & Future Book 1 is certified 7x Platinum

December 4, 1999
In a TV Guide interview, Michael discusses future projects, his favorite music & more.

December 11, 1999
MTV airs an "MTV's 100 Greatest Videos Ever Made" special. Michael's "Thriller" comes in at #1. MTV shows excerpts from an interview with Michael during the special.

May 30, 2000
Dangerous is certified 7x Platinum

October 30, 2000
Thriller is certified 26x Platinum & Blood On The Dance Floor is certified Platinum.

October, 2000
Michael is given the Best Selling Male Pop Artist of the Millennium Award at the World Music Awards.

November 18, 2000
Rolling Stone magazine releases a list of the "100 Greatest Pop Songs Since 1963" that the magazine felt have influenced pop culture today. Michael has 4 songs on the list: "Billie Jean" (#5), "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5 (#9), "Beat It" (#22), "Rock With You" (#82).

February 5, 2001
At the American National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution there is an exhibition called 'A BRUSH WITH HISTORY: Paintings from the National Portrait Gallery.' Andy Warhol's 1984 portrait of Michael Jackson is included with other paintings ranging in date from the 1720's to the 1990's and featuring people of America's past. Other historical figures who have portraits in this exhibition include Benjamin Franklin, T. S. Eliot, General George S. Patton, George Gershwin, and more.

February 14, 2001
Michael makes a speech at a Heal The Kids debate that is taking place at Carnegie Hall.

March 6, 2001
Michael gives a speech at Oxford Union.

March 19, 2001
Michael is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist.

July 30, 2001
"You Rock My World," the first single from Michael Jackson's forthcoming album Invincible, is debuted on radio stations across the world and online at michaeljackson.com

August 30, 2001
Michael opens the stock market by ringing the NASDAQ Bell at the NASDAQ market site in Times Square, New York.

September 4 , 2001
Michael appears on the MTV Video Music Awards with *NSYNC.

September, 2001
Michael holds two tribute shows at Madison Square Garden in New York - on September 7th and 10th. They included appearances by Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Liza Minnelli, Marlon Brando, Macaulay Culkin, Whitney Houston, Shaggy, Destiny's Child, Michael & many more. The Jackson 5 performed as well, for the first time since the Victory Tour in 1984.

September 21, 2001
The song "Cry," taken from Invincible, is premiered on radio stations and online at michaeljackson.com

September 26, 2001
Michael's short film "You Rock My World" starring Marlon Brando, Chris Tucker, Michael Madsen and Michael Jackson premieres on MTV, VH1, BET and Much Music USA.

October 16, 2001
Expanded versions of Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad & Dangerous will be released.

October 26, 2001
Michael takes part in an online audio chat moderated by Anthony DeCurtis.

October 30, 2001
Michael releases his first studio album in six years, Invincible. The album claimed the #1 spot on charts in countries across the globe in it's first week of release including the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey

November, 2001
Michael is interviewed by TV Guide

November 7, 2001
Michael made his first ever in-store appearance at the Virgin Mega Store in Times Square in New York City.

November 13, 2001
"Video Greatest Hits - History" & "Dangerous - The Short Films" will be released on DVD.

November 13, 2001
Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Special Airs on CBS. Neilson Reports about the broadcast: "Michael Jackson provided ratings magic for CBS on Tuesday night. CBS's two-hour Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special, featuring a reunion of the Jackson Five and a duet between the gloved wonder and Whitney Houston, was a ratings bonanza. The Jackson extravaganza dominated its piece of prime time, pulling 25.6 million viewers.".

November 13, 2001
Two new DVDs showcasing Michael's best-selling home videos are released." Video Greatest Hits HIStory - Special DVD Edition" includes a never-before available 18-minute version of "Bad," directed by Martin Scorsese. " Dangerous -- The Short Films" highlights extensive video footage from 'Black Or White' & more.

January 9, 2002
Michael appeared ath the American Music Awards to receive the Artist Of The Century Award

March, 2002
Vibe interviews Michael about his thoughts on current R&B music, artists that inspire him and more.

June, 2002
Michael was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

December 9, 2002
Chris Tucker presented Michael with a special Billboard Award commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Thriller. Michael accepted his award via live satellite from his Neverland Valley Ranch.

November 18, 2003
Michael Jackson releases Number Ones on CD & DVD.

June 24, 2003
The Third Annual Black Entertainment Television Awards are held in Los Angeles. Michael makes a surprise appearance. He presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to James Brown.

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