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Mobb Deep
On the heels of a classic gold LP, The Infamous Mobb Deep bounces right back into the next chapter of life, death and music. Prodigy and Havoc pick up the pen once again and "Drop A Gem On 'Em" marking the first taste of the new LP, Hell On Earth. Mobb Deep and the QBC: Godfather Pt. III, Gotti, Ty Knitty and Gambino have seen life take a turn for the better in the last two years since "Shook Ones." At the same time, an unpredictable tragedy has made this one of the most painful times in Mobb Deep history. Gambino's twin Scarface died in a gruesome Manhattan car accident leaving another close friend dead and seriously injuring four others. Despite death, the life cycle continues.

May 14,1996 marks the birth of the next generation in the Mobb family, also the birthday of Prodigy's son Tchaka jr. Preceding his procreation, Pee has been rapidly expanding his mind through readings he calls "the study of facts" or "right knowledge." Also striving towards a righteous path, Havoc's younger brother has returned from prison a Muslim reuniting his family with positive inspiration for the whole team. As the commercial world caves in on revolutionary ideas in music, Mobb deep follows a path less traveled seeking refuge behind the only reliable form of media they confide in on the street-word of mouth. The wisdom contained in their words comes piece by piece, one spoonful at a time.

The album's title Hell On Earth is as Havoc says "right in front of your eyes." Music and movies don't create violence. The tensions of daily life are responsible for the timeless cycle of violence in our world. Entertainment exists merely as a mirror constantly seeking to reflect our hellish reality. The music of Hell On Earth represents this dark picture as the lyrics contemplate the delusion of a "thug" mentality.

Beginning by confessing, "I'm tired of living life this way/ crime pay/ but for how long? 'Till you reach your downfall...," the album opens with "Animal Instinct." Even in the music industry, the stakes have gone beyond business. These days, artist and record label competition can look more like gang warfare as Pee points out, "This ain't rap its bloodsport/ ya life cut short/ ya fell short/ the pressure's on high, full court."Joining the Mobb once again, following his platinum LP, Nas sets the tone quickly on the Queensbridge collaboration "Give It Up Fast" also featuring Rapper noyd (introduced on the last Mobb Deep album) who returns with a burst of strength and street wisdom. Meanwhile, Prodigy and Havoc relay a simple message to those interested in doing business with the Mobb, "not going to the tables if its not about doe." Also returning to the grain after a long string of street sensations on his own, Wu Tang's Chef Raekwon AKA Lex Diamonds slides onto the first time, another Wu Gambino Johnny Blaze (Method Man) touches a Mobb Deep track on "Extortion" with a few words if you "wanna pop the most junk/ be the same motherf---ers with the most lumps. Chew on that sh--."

--- from the official Mobb Deep website

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