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Nick Colionne
Nick grew up in a household full of music - and at age 9 he began to learn guitar from his stepfather, Edward. By the age of 15 he turned pro, touring all over the world with famous artists and bands. Because he was usually the youngest band member, he would sometimes paint a mascara moustache on his upper lip to make himself look older - so imagine his embarrassment when his grandmother attended one of his concerts and promptly wiped said moustache off with her ever-present handkerchief!

Nick's mother Juanita made sure he knew the rules - he could have his professional career if he stayed in school and graduated. Now the recipient of the 1996 Malcolm X College Alumnus of the Year Award, Nick has been a mentor at St. Laurence K-8 School in Elgin, IL since 1994 where, inbetween performing and recording dates, he counsels, teaches music, computer music skills, guitar and assists with the talent shows for successive classes of eager students.

Working with artists like the Impressions, Natalie Cole, Curtis Mayfield and The Staples Singers took Nick all over the world and as a songwriter he's been recorded by the likes of Paul Anka and Johnnie Mathis.

Now a successful solo artist, Nick delights in his audiences and the feeling is mutual. His personality and showmanship combined with his energy and incredible command of the guitar assures everyone of having a great time! From clubs like the Roxy in L.A. to the main stage of Chicago's famed Navy Pier Skyline Stage, Nick spreads the word that jazz is alive and well (and living in a very funky guy!)

--- from the official Nick Colionne website

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