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To most, adversity can bring negativity. However, for Nitty, less than luxurious surroundings in the Fort Apache section of the Bronx only inspired him to be a positive force in the lives of others. Born Frank Ross, Nitty was raised in the shadows of the world famous Yankee Stadium. The importance of ethics and morals was instilled in Nitty early on by his caring family environment. Solace and motivation were found in his love for music and his yearning to be a performer. From the time he was a little kid in the 80's-when hip hop artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, Heavy D, and Young MC ruled the airways-he knew entertaining was his destiny. These artists and their music would eventually become the blueprint of Nitty's sound, which he calls "Playboy Rap."

Determined to live out his passion for music, Nitty began honing his skills as a member of a crew called the Du Brothers from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The Du Brothers were a large crew of aspiring singers, rappers, break dancers and DJs that made a name for themselves by performing in their local neighborhood. Nitty thrived quickly within this family of entertainers, and would eventually return to his old neighborhood, where many began to see him as a "rose that would grow from the crack."

Rather than coming to be known only as a rapper, Nitty's desire is to completely entertain-reminiscent of showstoppers Doug E. Fresh and Will Smith. While he definitely "moves the crowd," his upbringing lets him see the importance of maintaining a sense of positivity, too. Bringing back the excitement of the classic house party jams, Nitty's sole mission is to make hip-hop fun again. Even when he is getting grown and sexy for the ladies, he manages to do it without making the women feel like he is degrading them, which is very important to him. Even with his current smash single titled "Nasty Girl," Nitty explains, "the song is not about a woman being disrespected, but enjoying being free and letting loose. I want women to know that expressing their sexuality is not only normal, but also appealing. Being Nasty in essence is exploring your inner most private desires and forgetting what the other person on the dance floor thinks of you," he shares.

With a sound that perfectly fuses an old school essence with a new school vibe, Nitty has the charisma of LL Cool J and the versatility of Usher. This captivating mix makes him accessible to a wide variety of audiences and musical tastes. Following his own path, Nitty aims to bring back music with a good feel, and strays from the mold of 'the rapper from the "hood" with a chip on his shoulder.' He asserts, "making universally acceptable music is not a hindrance. I want everyone to enjoy my music and I'm not afraid of making the kids from the suburbs, as
well as the kids from my old block, vibe to my music."

As a writer and producer of all of his own music, Nitty can make songs the way he likes-feel-good music that spans the generational gaps comfortably. In keeping with his clean image, Nitty makes the type of music kids can play without their parents having to cover their ears, especially since its curse free! Bringing back the good vibes and a time when you went to a show to be entertained, not just rapped at, is what Nitty specializes in. With his explosive rapping skills, positive energy and million dollar smile, there is no doubt that Nitty is a rising star and his future holds only bigger things. Its time for the nice guy to finish first, and through his music Nitty shows it's possible to go against the grain, do the right thing, and still come out on top.

--- from the official Nitty website

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