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By Colin Murray

Oasis have always been at their best when they didn't give a f---...

When Noel scrawled tunes about nothing that meant the world and Liam buzzed off his head with a passion never rivaled by any rock 'n' roll singer in history.

Put simply, this is a glorious rebirth...

Noel is writing songs about queuing too long for a pint of milk and Liam is a whirlwind of inspiration and wondrous bullsh--. Fans have been waiting for this moment for ten years...

Why? Because it's been ten years since Oasis made an album that truly changed the musical landscape. It's been ten years since they wrote an album of such spirit that you felt compelled to adopt a swagger as you walked through the streets of your council estate.

Don't Believe The Truth is that album. It's the Oasis that blew you away and an Oasis you've never met.

It's not about one particular song. It never has been. It's about an old attitude that somehow got lost amidst the tabloid hoo-ha and the mountains of cash, coupled with a complete reinvention of how and why Oasis exist.

For the first time in their history, they are functioning as a band. No longer does Noel feel the weight of the world on his shoulders, and Liam's writing tunes with the enthusiasm of a toddler who's just mastered walking. Gem is the rock on which the new Oasis is built while Andy Bell is an enigmatic influence, who makes Liam watch films starring David Essex. They call him Wing Commander Bell.

They are four individuals, who have pushed, pulled, laughed and fought inside the four walls of a studio, for what seemed like forever, to reach the light. And now they've arrived, it's positively blinding.

When they listen back to this record, a newborn confusion reigns. They're not sure who played what and when. All they know is that Zak Starkey played drums, although there is a rumour flying around concerning Liam, two spoons and a box of Cheerios.

Don't Believe The Truth runs to eleven tracks, and Noel has written five. That includes Let There Be Love; a defining moment in Oasis history. A song pulled back from over-production; one that sighs rather than shouts. 'Who kicked a hole in the sky so the heavens could cry over me?' It'll break your heart.

Mucky Fingers - which sounds like nothing Noel has ever written before - is his trip on the Velvet Underground, fuelled by Jack Daniels and an old, beat up organ bought on e-bay.

Then there's Lyla, who is apparently "Sally's sister," and The Importance Of Being Idle - a song so stark, so simple and so fundamentally Oasis, that it could have been a b-side in 1994. It's THAT good.

When you hear Part of the Queue, you realise that 'Noel Gallagher the songwriter' has regained some truth. He's once again tackling the little things, and leaving the meaning of life to somebody who has the time to work it out.

Three tunes are Liam's, although he claims to have written over a hundred.

What we do hear is the deafening ninety second Meaning of Soul which spits fifties rock 'n' roll blades at passers by, while Love Like A Bomb is a wistful daydream that he wrote with "Julie f---ing Christie" in mind.

As for Guess God Thinks I'm Abel, Liam reckons he has a conversation with God one night in a boozer. God told him He was Abel. Simple as that.

Gem is his sounding board, who he drags into their studio at all hours to work on sparks of ideas that are currently flowing from him at a phenomenal rate. Andy describes Liam as "...outrageously talented. He just invents chords. For every song on the album he probably has ten just as good."

The opening track on Don't Believe The Truth is Andy Bell's Turn Up The Sun, with it's Midnight Cowboy intro that explodes into threatening, explosive rock 'n' roll. He also pops up with Keep the Dream Alive, a song inspired by a film called Stardust, starring David Essex. Noel won't watch it. The others won't shut up about it.

That leaves Gem's A Bell Will Ring and another layer on an album full of different sounds.

Noel sums up the all-new, harmonious Oasis...

"If somebody said to me, in twelve years you'll be in a band with your brother and two carrot munching geezers who don't like football I would have said f--- off, I'm not joining the Bee Gees."

Don't Believe The Truth is truly the long awaited new album from Oasis, a band who now operate with the type of unity and passion usually reserved for the A-Team, on the trail of a group of Mexican cattle rustlers. Thankfully, though, some things will never change...

--- from the official Oasis website

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