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Paul Simon
On May 9, 2006, Warner Bros. Records released "Surprise," the new studio album by Paul Simon and his first release since 2000. Produced by Simon, and in collaboration with Brian Eno, the album contains some of Simon's best songwriting and performances since the "Graceland" album.

Says Paul Simon: "Working with Brian Eno opens the door to a world of sonic possibilities; plus he's just a great guy to hang with in the studio, or for that matter in life. I had a really good time."

"Surprise" features Simon's masterful voice, and showcases some of his finest guitar work to date. Augmented by Eno's innovative soundscapes, "Surprise" includes contributions from musicians including Steve Gadd, Herbie Hancock, and Bill Frisell.

"Surprise" was mixed by Tchad Blake, and recorded at Eno's studio in London as well as studios in New York and Nashville. The album features 11 songs, including the previously Oscar-nominated "Father And Daughter."

Tour plans are currently in the works for both summer and fall, please check paulsimon.com for announcements and details.

The song titles to "Surprise" are:

1. How Can You Live In The Northeast
2. Everything About It Is A Love Song
3. Outrageous
4. Sure Don't Feel Like Love
5. Wartime Prayers
6. Beautiful
7. I Don't Believe
8. Another Galaxy
9. Once Upon A Time There Was An Ocean
10. That's Me
11. Father And Daughter

--- from the official Paul Simon website

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