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Pearl Jam
How to make Pearl Jam
The choice, ripe ingredients for great-grandma Pearl's famous Jam are gently selected just after ripening and then stored in a cool dark cellar so they have plenty of space and time to blend together and... oh excuse us, Eddie, Jeff, Mike and Stone are the members of Pearl Jam with the amazing Matt Cameron helping out on drums.

Stone Gossard

Born July 20 in Seattle, Washington
First band was March of Crimes
Original member of Green River and Mother Love Bone
Side Project: Brad
Member of Temple of the Dog
Influences: Led Zeppelin, KISS, Hendrix, funk and rap
Rhythm and lead guitar...the riffmeister extraordinaire
Keys, vocals, drums, lyricist
Appeared in the movie, "Singles" .... "Hi Janet."
Artist (paintings)
Solo Album: "Bayleaf"

Mike McCready
Born April 5 in Pensacola, Florida
Was in a band named Shadow
Influences include KISS, Hendrix
Side Projects: Mad Season, The Rockfords
Friend of Mr. Potatohead
Member of Temple of the Dog
Lead guitar...sonic guitar solos
Slide guitar, piano, lyricist

Matt Cameron
Born November 28 in San Diego, CA
Drums, guitar, bass, keys, vocals
Accomplished drummer in rock and jazz
Former drummer for Soundgarden
Drummer on original Stone Gossard demos
Member of Temple of the Dog
Member Wellwater Conspiracy
Sang "Puberty Love" for the movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes...and saved the day!
Original drummer for Skinyard

Credits include "Hater", "Thunk" with Eleven, jazz album with the Tone Dogs, Seaweed

Eddie Vedder
Born December 23 in Evanston, Illinois
Lead vocals, lyricist, rhythm guitar
Does PJ album art, resident typist
Plays accordian and harmonica
Formerly in a band named Bad Radio
Member of Temple of the Dog
Master of ceremonies & sometimes DJ
Appeared in the movie, "Singles" .... "A compliment for us, is a compliment for you."
Basketball freak, especially Chicago Bulls
Good with card tricks

Jeff Ament
Born March 10 in Havre, Montana
Original member of Green River and Mother Love Bone
Side Project: Three Fish
Accomplished in graphic design (See also Amesbros.com)
Member of Temple of the Dog
Bass...energetic, bouncin', and melodic
Appeared in the movie, "Singles" .... "While we're young."
Photographer, lyricist, also does PJ album art
Digs basketball, especially Seattle Supersonics
Band biographer

--- from the official Pearl Jam website

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Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam

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