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Being personal and global, spiritual and urban at the same time, Praful's music explores the most diverse styles from Jazz to Dance, from India to Brazil, from Meditation to Tribal. Praful is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and charismatic performer from Amsterdam who, with his velvet sax sound and funky flute, is capable of both raising the roof and touching people's hearts and souls. His music is fresh, yet traditional, inventive with sophisticated charm and appeal. It also rocks!

With the release of his second album 'One Day Deep' Praful has 'redefined cool for 2003' (John Mullen, WQCD, NYC). It was conceived, composed, produced and recorded by Praful together with the producers duo Adani&Wolf. They were assisted by guest musicians Afra Mussawisade (percussion, Iran/Germany), Ted de Jong (tabla, Holland), Adrian Elissen (Spanish guitar, Malta), José Lopretti (bass, Uruguay) and the Brazilian mystery singer Algodao Doce (where do I know that voice from?).
The music has been described as 'sexy like a mysteriously beautiful person walking down the street, true, untainted beauty that could never be replicated ... the freeform sound of life' (Neil Bufkin, KTXT, TX).

One Day Deep was first released in 2001 in the Netherlands by the Amsterdam-based label Therapy Records. In the 2 years to come all 11 songs were released on dozens of compilations worldwide.

The album was released in the USA in 2003 by Rendezvous Music/N-Coded. The first US radio single 'SIGH' reached #1, stayed in the charts for 5 months and catapulted Praful and his band onto the American live scene. Radio Station TheWave/LA declared Praful 'Discovery Artist' of the year 2003. Steve Williams from KKSF/San Francisco: 'San Francisco has just been hit by another Earthquake - and he goes by the name of Praful'.

One Day Deep became a 'best selling Billboard album' and reached Top 10 in the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart, #11 in Billboard Electronic Chart (Dance) and Top 10 of the CMJ College Chart. Such a widespread success between these different worlds is a rare phenomenon. In June 2004 the album was released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria by Blue Flame.

Praful was born on January 1st, 1964 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Starting on electronic organ at the age of 7, he switched to saxophone at age 18. He made his first serious ensemble experiences playing in the AKO High School BigBand in his home town Bonn, and later in the independent 'Main Squeeze BigBand' - together with the now renown trumpet player Till Bronner. Besides being devoted to music he also passionately practiced the martial art Judo all through his childhood, attaining the 5th Kyu and fighting on national championships.

Before choosing the path of the musician (or better, music choosing him), he traveled around the world for close to a year, searching to broaden his horizon. In 1987 he moved to Holland to study Jazz sax and flute at the Amsterdam School of Arts (Conservatory) with Ferdinand Povel, Friderike Darius and Rob Madna. Experiments with Jazz Fusion during those years led to his first band 'Good Move', touring regularly through Holland and Germany.

He made his degree in 1992, and having acquired the skill to play any type of music at any type of speed, he was confronted with a burnout and again felt the urge to take a time-out. In search for inner peace and his own lost voice he spent 6 months in India in the Ashram of the enlightened teacher Osho, followed by 6 months in Brazil. Back in Amsterdam in 1993, full of confidence and new inspiration, he started working with in Holland operating Latin, Brazilian, African and Indian musicians and groups and artists such as Treme Terra, Nippy Noya, Saoco and Gerardo Rosales as well as with his own project 'Praful & Alchemy'. During those years he studied the Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) with Indian Master Hariprasad Chaurasia, he slowly integrated the instrument into his own music and returned regularly to both Brazil and India.

From 1997 on he was drawn to newer developments in music: trip hop, dance and drum&bass. He played with the experimental dance formation 'Project 2000', which in 1999 won the prestigious Dutch Heineken Cross Over Music Award. The band released an album and two singles with Universal/Polydor and opened the doors for Praful to a different audience and live circuit - Dance and Pop festivals.

'If the earth were a passion fruit and you could squeeze juice from it, this juice would be called Bayuba Cante' (Dunya Festival). From 1997 until 2002 he was involved as reed player and composer with 'Bayuba Cante', an international group mixing Afro Cuban Santeria-roots with flamenco, rumba, Indian music, funk and jazz. Two albums for the German label Network are the audible result of this collaboration (see discography). The band performed and toured in Holland, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Cuba.

In 1999 Praful released his first solo work, 'Touched by Love', a simple album with liquid music, made especially to be used for bodywork/massage sessions and relaxation.When playing with Project 2000 Praful met the stunning Senegalese singer Mola Sylla, with whom he now plays in a new world project called 'Societé-tous les couleurs' - together with guitarist Frankie Douglas and percussionist Serigne Gueye.

Whenever his busy schedule leaves him the time Praful also likes performing as a duo with producer Maneesh de Moor - the two of them play mainly at spiritual gatherings and festivals around the world.
He also has a long partnership with Deva Premal, who sings and records compositions that Praful makes for her on ancient Buddhist Mantras. Her albums 'Love is Space' and 'Embrace' have been in the American and European New Age Top10 Charts for years.

--- from the official Praful website

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