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Puddle Of Mudd
Any listener to rock radio is familiar with the name Puddle Of Mudd by now, but many don't appreciate the sheer scale of success the band's debut album, 2001's Come Clean, achieved: over 5 million copies sold and spawning no less than 4 radio hits ('Blurry', 'Control', 'Drift And Die', 'She Hates Me'). The ubiquitous 'Blurry' became the most played track on Modern Rock Radio for 2002 and earned the ASCAP award for most played song of the year. Come Clean sold 116,000 copies in its first week of release - a record for a new rock act. Puddle of Mudd's songs have become a benchmark in contemporary guitar rock.

Fame came organically to Puddle of Mudd, building from the band's relentless touring, opening for The Deftones, Staind and Godsmack. Puddle's reputation as live performers translated to a strong following of fans and national attention from radio stations which ignited the spark that led to their enormously successful debut. Frontman Wesley Scantlin first became aware of that tipping point in a very public way: "Those moments where you get recognized, y'know? Not being to walk through a pool hall without stopping at every table and signing autographs - that's when you know you've made some sort of dent."

It's this kind of attention which inspired the title of Puddle Of Mudd's sophomore collection, Life On Display (released November 25). This long awaited follow-up (produced by Come Clean's John Kurzweg, Michael 'Elvis' Baskette and the band) retains the quartet's no-nonsense anti-formula, and brings a more defined and occasionally dark edge to the songs.

--- from the official Puddle Of Mudd website

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Puddle Of Mudd

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