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Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stadium Arcadium

Many of the gods, goddesses, angels, demons and elementals of the universe have conspired to send messages from beyond through the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the current civilization. After a year and a half of channeling and organization, these messages have taken the materialized form of the double CD Stadium Arcadium. If you let go and let this music take you by the hand it will take you flying through skies of sound. It will zoom you up well above outer space and it will show you around planes of existence that do not share the laws and conditions of this reality. And when it brings you down to earth it will dig deep into that sh--. It will also teach you to fall back without landing on your a-- and to fall forward without falling on your face. Let go and you can be two places at once, you can be as big as the whole universe and as small as an atom simultaneously. You can unite with a star or a plant. You are everything you see around you and the ideas in this music may get you to start realizing what a great power that can be.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are learning all these things with whoever wants to come along. They are letting the invisible glorious kingdom of music give them shelter. The have crawled inside the body of music and they are inviting you inside.

All is an illusion which gives us the wonderful opportunity to play with everything in existence. In the words of one of the supreme gods of funk, "Nothing is good unless you play with it." The Red Hot Chili Peppers have twisted up nature into a decidedly psychedelic form. They have made music that can drive you to a place where nothingness is motion and movement and stillness are one. They have played with light, darkness, sound, silence, form, air, and space to make music that plays with the listener.

Born four separate people they have successfully become one. Their music is proof that four minds can become one, which prompts the question, why not a billion minds? They recommend that you shut off your mind and let Stadium Arcadium fly you away to a place where everything and nothingness are one. They recommend that you let the music take you away to a place where everything is OK.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and their holy guru Rick Rubin have put together music that can take you out of your body, so come inside the great outdoors. Breathe the water. Drink the air. Sleep on a cloud. Run up the beam of light from a star. You are free. Close your eyes, open your mind, and let this music in and you will see that this is true.

This album was recorded primarily in Laurel Canyon in the Blood Sugar mansion. The recording and mixing was a year long project as it involved finishing 38 songs, 28 of which were chosen to become Stadium Arcadium. The album features Chad Smith on drums, Anthony Kiedis on lead vocals, Flea on bass, and John Frusciante on guitar and background vocals. They also all do this that and the other thing. Rick Rubin watched over the big picture and worked his brand of magic on the music, giving it balance whenever it might have fallen off the edge of the earth. The songs were written at the Alley in the Valley which is where BloodSugar was written. They were written over the course of six months. The band and the producer all had mates with whom they were in love through out this whole project. That love, heart, and warmth is in the music. You are also hearing the sound of analog tape, may it live forever. --John Frusciante, March 2006

--- from the official Red Hot Chili Peppers website

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