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Saving Jane
"Hey...do you know the words to Bobbi McGee?"

Through a haze of woodsmoke and woozy late night chorus, she almost didn't hear the question. But for some reason Marti Dodson sat back down at that campfire four years ago and made a new friend.

At the time, Marti was a college student at Ohio State University, where she sat in the back of her classes writing songs instead of taking notes. She brought the words to life on the rooftop of her broken down apartment building, playing around with a cheap guitar and a beginner's chordbook.

One summer night she ended up at a campfire party hosted by a local musician. Self–conscious around the group of professional players, Marti was sitting quietly, listening to an incredible guitar player she had just met named Pat Buzzard. It was almost time to go on home when Marti's girlfriend piped up, "She can sing."

Before long Pat and Marti made a musical connection that outlasted the campfire and forged into a deep friendship. When the duo headed into the recording studio to put down some of their songs, they contacted a local drummer to help them out with the recording process, and that´s how they met Dak Goodman.

They knew there was something special about the music, so the friends decided to start a band. They booked a show and borrowed a bass player from another local band before it occurred to them that they might need a name. Ideas were tossed around, but nothing felt right to the group. Then one late, delirious night at the studio, Marti was doodling on a blank notepad, illustrating a comic strip featuring the three of them as bungling superheroes. The title of the comic strip? "Saving Jane."

The band recruited a lead guitar player and began recording an album. Fans were drawn in quickly by the witty, snarling lyrics and emotional vocals, and Saving Jane's popularity continued to grow. Bass player Jeremy Martin joined the group in 2002, and with the recent additions of keyboard player Joe Cochran and lead guitar Mike Unger, the lineup is complete.

With their October 05 debut full length release, Saving Jane begins their introduction to the world outside of Columbus. Armed with their title track, "Girl Next Door," a defiant female anthem from the girl who never gets the guy, SJ is ready for the world.

If you're looking to get your heart broken and super–glued back together with a few hours worth of music, Saving Jane is the band for you. Don't be the last to know about Saving Jane.

--- from the official Saving Jane website

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Saving Jane
Girl Next Door

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