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Silkk The Shocker
Master P's baby bro has been gone for three years. But hey, guess when you've been rapping professionally since you were 14, you need some time off.

"You don't want to be making all that money and not enjoy it," Silkk said of what prompted his layoff. "I'm always trying to please somebody, doing all these shows, interviews, every day I'm at a hotel. I wasn't really enjoying it. I'll probably stay at my house a month out of the year. What's the sense of buying a big house if you can't enjoy it? I was like, 'I could come out with a album anytime.' I wanted to take time out and chill with my mom and my fam." Silkk said he didn't really miss the rap game, but he kept running into young fans asking for music. After getting his feet wet in the studio again and laying some tracks down, he regained his jones. "When you hear my new album, you'll be like, 'The boy is back.' Right now I think I have a lot more to offer the game 'cause I laid back for a minute." Silkk's Based on a True Story comes out September 7.

--- from the official Silkk The Shocker website

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Silkk The Shocker
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