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Tegan & Sara
tegan quin. BANDMEMBER.

this is what we know. tegan, a virgo, enjoys comfort foods and long talks about things that happened ten years ago that she "has gotten over" but still talks about endlessly in this voice that is sort of like metal scraping against a bone that is showing through ripped flesh. tegan is sara's sister, and as far as our mother can "remember" we only shared a room once, and that was when we were babies. until grade eight, tegan's math teachers thought she was advanced and "bored" with math. then she started writing music and they realized she was just "bored". tegan plays a martin acoustic, and an epiphone electric. (by sara)

sara quin. BANDMEMBER.

this is what we know. sara is tegan's sister. born in 1980, sara always wanted to be a lawyer or a veterinarian. actually, up until she was 16 life was a ten-year plan that involved student loans and winterish-fantasies about school on the east coast. standing five foot three, sara enjoys grocery shopping, barbeques, and mid-day movies where no one else is there to crinkle plastic candy bags or talk about what's going to happen five seconds before it happens and then congratulate themselves on their cunning ability to predict the future so that everyone in the theatre secretly wishes there was jail time for that specific group of society. secretly wishing she was a drummer, sara enjoys one on one time, and is addicted to pro-tools and the sound of her voice through a sans amp.

chris carlson. BANDMEMBER.

this is what we know. chris is an edmontonian who is now living and procreating in vancouver. he stands 6"4" and asked to lower his age to 24 for the purpose of this bio. apparently 31 isn't a "cool" age. playing bass for twelve years, he strokes and cuddles his fender precision, for tegan and sara as well as kinnie starr. a fun side note: chris and rob are NOT brothers or lovers; they just like martial arts and "working out" together. (by sara)

rob chursinoff. BANDMEMBER.

this is what we know. rob, otherwise known as mr. evil guy, was born and raised in the kootenays. 5'9" when kneeling and 27 in dim lighting; this ladies man has played with kinnie starr, the be good tanya's, speed to Kill, and skull flush. what in god's name is a skull flush you ask? well, says rob, "flush... like flush the toilet." 10 years of experience as a banger/hippie and expertly trained to follow a click track, rob lives for his dog leroy. (by sara)

ted gowans. BANDMEMBER.

bio coming soon.

--- from the official Tegan & Sara website

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