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The Offspring
Dexter Holland: vocals, guitar
Noodles: guitar
Greg K: bass
Atom Willard: drums

After seven albums and more than 32 million in sales, The Offspring come full circle with Columbia Records' release of Greatest Hits on June 21, 2005, the band's first-ever, career-spanning collection of their most memorable songs. The album features thirteen classics that have all reached the Top 10 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart plus the brand new single, "Can't Repeat."

And while "Can't Repeat" gives a glimpse into The Offspring's present and future, the past is well-represented with the three hits from their watershed 1994 Epitaph album, Smash, "Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)," "Self Esteem" and "Gotta Get Away." Smash went on to sell 11 million copies worldwide, making it THE most successful independent release of all time.

The complete track listing includes all the hits from the band's Columbia Records catalog: "All I Want" and "Gone Away" ('97's Ixnay on the Hombre); "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)," "Why Don't You Get A Job?" and "The Kids Aren't Alright" ('98's Americana); "Original Prankster," "Want You Bad" (2000's Conspiracy of One) and "Hit That" and "(Can't Get My) Head Around You" ('03's Splinter). In addition, "Defy You," the hit single from 2001's Orange County soundtrack, rounds out the set.

The Offspring's Greatest Hits will come out in two versions, both as a conventional CD and as a DualDisc, with the DVD side including the full album in 5.1 stereo; in-the-studio audio commentary by Holland and Noodles, offering anecdotes and insight into the stories behind the hits; and an acoustic performance of "Dirty Magic," a song from the group's 1993 Epitaph album, Ignition.

The CD/DualDisc release will be followed by The Offspring's Complete Music Video Collection on July 19, 2005, a two-and-a-half hour DVD showcasing all the band's videos up to their newest single, "Can't Repeat." Recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, the DVD will also include a selection of live television performances and "Guy Cohen: Where Is He Now?," Dexter's interview with the kid actor from "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)."

The Offspring (Nemesis/Cargo 1989, reissued on Nitro Records)
Ignition (Epitaph 1992)
Smash (Epitaph 1994)
Ixnay On The Hombre (Columbia 1997)
Americana (Columbia 1998)
Conspiracy of One (Columbia 2000)
Splinter (Columbia 2003)
Greatest Hits (Columbia 2005)

--- from the official The Offspring website

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The Offspring
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The Offspring

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