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The YBZ are back at it again with another ATL-flavored hour's worth of beat-heavy, crunked up tracks, just itchin' to get their way into your CD player. The follow up to their 1999 underground classic Against Da Grain is called Drankin Patnaz, and is set for an August 26, 2003 release. The lead single, Cadillac Pimpin is blowing up radio and clubs around the country right now.

The days of Bentleys are though big daddy. This is the year of the Cadillac. Check out the new video from the YoungBloodz, "Cadillac Pimpin'" and see what happens when some grimey thugs from Atlanta get their hands your ride and head out on some Ferris Beuller style mischief with it. It's cool though. They're Cadillac Pimpin'.

Nobody gets the club crunk like J-Bo and Sean Paul, which is why no explanation is needed for the title of their latest single, "DAMN!" featuring the hyped up hook genius, Lil' Jon! As long as cats are balling up in the clubs and pimpin' in Cadillacs, the YBZ will be all up in your stereo making you yell out some funky four letter words... DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!

--- from the official Youngbloodz website

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Drankin' Patnaz

Ev'rybody Know Me

Thu, Apr 26th
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