NASHVILLE, TN Thursday Sep.6.2007 / -- After a summer of successful shows, Saturday marked the last night on Brad Paisley's Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour for Jack Ingram and Kellie Pickler, and, that usually means parting pranks.

In the opinion of observers on the ground, the best one of the night was pulled on Jack. Brad's camp made Jack get in a cage they built out of PVC pipe immediately before he was set to walk onstage. As Jack's show started they wheeled him out on stage in the cage with only his mic and a hack saw! The crowd went wild! Two songs into Jack's set, he was still singing from behind the walls of the make- shift PVC cage, trying to saw his way out. Prior to the third song, he still couldn't get out, so Brad sent out a crew guy to free him.

Pranks and all, Jack went on to perform a revved up set, capped by the crowd-favorite "Love You". Up next, Jack sets out on a series of solo dates prior to joining Dierks Bentley's Throttle Wide Open Tour in October.

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