NASHVILLE, TN Tuesday Sep.11.2007 / -- With two big shows in Atlanta Friday & Saturday, Kenny Chesney's Flip Flop Summer tour, already declared the biggest selling and highest grossing country tour of the year, finished with a bang turning the town into Hot-lanta.

The first night a great example, with 35 songs, super guest appearances by Dave Matthews, Joe Walsh, Dierks Bentley and Uncle Kracker. The first night was reportedly hot enough to be the second burning of Atlanta. Chesney turned in sets longer than two hours, saying, "Now that was some fun! We've never done 35 songs before, but man we just had to get'em all in."

MEANWHILE, CHESNEY'S top tour of 2007 is prelude to the release his new album this month. Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates hits streets Tuesday, Sept 11 -- as "Don't Blink" closes in on the Top 10 after 3 weeks and his 5 week #1 "Never Wanted Nothing' More" stays in the Top 10. It's a great time to be Kenny Chesney.

Kenny Chesney describes his new CD, as reflecting a lot of who he is in the songs he chose and those helped write, "I think that we've made a record that kind of reflects that...and that goes down a lot of different avenues. You've got to listen-this album has a lot of chapters. And it's got a lot of emotions-up and down. When I listen to somebody's record, I want to be taken on a ride... emotionally. And I think that we've done that with Poets & Pirates."

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