ATLANTA, GA Monday Oct.29.2007 / -- Rapper T.I. was released from jail Friday on $3 million bond - $1 million secured by his Atlanta-area house and the rest in two cashier's checks, provided by the artist and Atlantic Records.

A judge put the rapper under house arrest at his home in Georgia until his trial on gun charges. T.I. must also submit to 24-hour monitoring by a private service at his own expense. His movements will be monitored by a GPS system, and the only times T.I. will be allowed to leave the home will be for medical appointments and court appearances. His home can be searched at any time, as it was before he was allowed to return there. He is forbidden from owning firearms and drinking alcohol, was required to surrender his passport and is not allowed to have contact with any witnesses or informants in his case. The only people who will be permitted to live with him are his girlfriend and children. Visitors must go through a background check, and they could be searched as well. He is also not allowed to have any safes in his house or car, in light of the fact that police discovered weapons in a safe T.I. will be able to record music - in his home studio.

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