NASHVILLE, TN Tuesday Jul.12.2005 / -- So far this year, Kenny Chesney has played to 610,000, making him the overall Number One seat filling ticket seller of the year.

That means he's drawn more fans to his shows than U2 (499,109) and Celine Dion (321,169).

Note: U2 and Dion are the #1 and #2 gross dollars champs so far this year because their per ticket price is much higher than Chesney's average $60 dollars per ticket price.

"The thing I hate about these rankings is that no one ever looks at what the facts mean -- and you can make all kinds of claims based on any number of things," says Kenny. "To me, I'd like to think the biggest tour isn't measured by ticket prices, but about the number of people coming to see
you play and for me, even though this is big production, a lot of trucks, a major crew, I wanna do it -- ultimately -- for the fans. I want to play for all those kids, all those people who come to have a big party with us, and I really try to make sure that everybody who wants to come can."

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